Friday, July 20, 2007

Life is too short...

So about a week ago it was determined that my grandmother (my mom's mother) has only a couple weeks left. I haven't been super close to her, ever actually, but it still makes me sad. When I was little my mom would drag myself and my 3 other siblings at the time to grandma's house. I don't remember much about the visits other than when she would sit in the corner at her little desk and go through her stickers with us, letting us pick out which ones we wanted for our sticker books. From what I can remember, it was my favorite part about being there. I don't remember whining to leave, but I'm sure I did. I drag my kids with me to my moms house. I'd like to think that they will be closer to my mom than I've been with my grandmother. I wonder what kind of memories they will have about going to grandma's. Probably the scary kitty that likes to scratch them. Another memory that I will have will be the visits to grandma and grandpa's cabin. When I was younger, for a couple years anyway, we went to the cabin for a big family Thanksgiving. All of my mom's side of the family would be there and it always seemed to snow. Snow there in November nowadays seems unthinkable.

It's hard to watch my mom having to watch her mom die. I mean, she's old and all and the fact that she's lasted as long as she has is amazing. Knowing her health history. She's really not that old though. She's only 79. This is what makes me the saddest, because it was only 14 years ago that her mother passed away. Yes, they were closer in age than my mother and grandmother, but still...I'd like to think I'll live to be closer to 90. I know, I'm probably young to be worrying about it or to even know better. I'm sure when I get close to 70, assuming I make it that long, I'll feel differently. I've had a pretty healthy life....or maybe I should say I haven't had a life full of diagnostics. I'm one of those paranoid types though that thinks or knows that if they went to the doctor, many things would be found wrong with them. Not knowing is better, right?

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idahohubers said...

Hi Sarah! I read this the other day but didn't have time to leave a comment... I think about how long my life will be often - I bet lots of people do, maybe even more when you have children. Do you think we will still be blogging at 60, 70 or 90 years old?! I wonder what the popular thing will be then! I can't even imagine.

My kids love seeing Jake's Great Grandfather who lives here in IF. He's lived in the same house his whole life and his parents lived in the same house too! Lest you think its an architectural treasure - it is really old and should be torn down someday. He always gives Benjamin a $1 bill and nearly cries when he gets hugs from the kids. He will be 90 in Sept. sometimes we listen to old Pasty Cline albums and he cries at that too.