Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday...

I was pretty proud of myself last week w/the fact that I got up early and worked out Wed, Thurs, & Fri, so I felt I deserved a break Sat & Sun. I's too early in a habbit forming deal to take 'breaks' but hey, I was up just as early this morning doing my workout again. I was very happy to notice a difference in my ability to do certain 'moves' today, compared to how difficult they seemed last Wed. I still have a long ways to go, but it's nice to notice something as little as that so early on. I've also noticed that my blogging about my progress, makes me more excited to get up each day and work out. I feel like I have somewhat of a cheer squad even, w/the comments that have been left. Thanks gals!

My 3yr old, Trenton, is so cute...this morning, he woke up just after I had and had come into my room while I was in the bathroom prepping for my work out. (contacts in, teeth brushed, proper attire, etc.) He's like, (in his cute lil "I'm trenton, I can do anything" voice) "mom, i'll get your 'exercise' for you"...exercise is what he calls my work out mat thingy. He took it out to the living room and laid it out on the floor for me. What a lil sweety! Of course, I then become a game when he sees me begin to do squats, he's gotta see if he can make it under my legs before my knees or booty goes down and smacks him, or when I lay down for crunches, he's gotta see if he can like jump over me before my head comes up, or like when I've got my legs up at a right angle while I'm laying on my back, he's gotta try and jump on them, thinking I'm prepping for an airplane ride or something. It's all fun though, and if I can't include my kids in my workout, doesn't that just teach them that working out is NO FUN!

Rylie's funny too, she got down and tried to do some of the moves with me. I guess it looked like I was not able to do them too well because she asked "Mom? Is it easier for kids to do this than it is for big people?" She didn't forget to mention that my arms were shaking as I came up from a push-up. What a sweetheart!

I've also found that Josiah leaves in the morning a much happier person when he gets to see me in my workout attire before hand. Whatever I can do to make my family happy, ya know?

For dinner last night, I cooked a roast on the stove, w/potatoes, carrots and onion, and some corn and salad. I don't usually fix a huge Sunday dinner. I don't know why, but I told Josiah last week that I really wanted to jump on that band-wagon. He wasn't too excited about roast, it's not his fave, but that's what I grew up on for Sunday dinner and that's just really what I wanted to fix. I was also very happy that I was able to get 3 of my 4 children to eat salad. Alyssa has always eaten it, it seems. But I was able to get Camden and Trenton to both try it. Camden actually ate 2 servings of it. Trenton I think just took a bite, but he didn't act as if he didn't like it. Rylie is my little corn queen. She'll dish some for herself w/the rest of her dinner, and once everyone's done eating, she asks, "mom, can I finish the corn that's in the bowl?" She loves fixing it for herself as a snack too!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!


Hannah said...

You are awesome!!

I laughed about the roast thing cuz I LOVE pot roast. Mike hates it. But shoot, when he cooks dinner he can make what he wants. But since I'm the one doing the cooking, I will make what I want. Hahahahahaha

Jenna said...

Great post, Sarah! Congrats on getting a great start on the week, and thanks for the motivation! Adam loves the workout wear too. We love to do big Sunday dinners, and sometimes even invite others over. It used to be me doing all the work, but I've raised very capable children now who are a huge help. Wish we could have eaten that roast with you!

Josi said...

Mmmmm. Pot Roast dinner--it's been a long time since I've seen him around, but with chruch 1-4 my groove is completely unhinged.

And what a great mom you are, I hate it when my kids are around while I exercise. It's why my activity of choice is jogging outside--to get away