Sunday, September 2, 2007

What makes me, Me... I have this thing where when people ask me what my interests are or they ask for a list of my favorite things, I totally blank. I tend to not really keep lists like that just sitting around waiting to be published somewhere, and then I tend to feel kinda dumb when I don't know how to answer. Don't get me wrong, there are things that I for sure like, but I really don't sit around thinking about things like that, or maybe I don't really care enough to worry about it? I'm pretty much a very simple person.

This has actually been sorta 'bothering' me for a while now. Probably since I started this blog and was filling out my profile, because in there, as most of you who have a blog know, it asks for a few favorites. Sooo...I've decided to take a post and turn it into my "Things that make me, me" post. Not necessarily a post about my favorites, mostly just some of my likes/dislikes. I think for starters, I'll start with 1o each. I figure this can also be an attempt at helping others "get to know" ME better.

Here goes....

*10 things I dislike...*

1. When we're at a sit down restaraunt and all they have as far as napkins, are the linen ones. For some reason I have a really hard time using them to wipe my mouth on. I think they are pretty and all...but I would much prefer to use something that I know no one else has ever wiped their face on. (Josiah tends to make fun of me about this)

2. I hate yelling at my kids. Not saying I don't yell at them. I do. I'm guilty. I think I give them a pretty fair chance of me being patient though before I start with the yelling. I always regret it afterwards though, because I sound so much like my mother when I do! Don't get me wrong...I love my mother, but I despise that I hear her when I yell.

3. Public humiliation. Not just myself, but I hate when I see others being torn down like that. Especially when I'm at a store and I hear a mother just ripping into her child, loud enough for everyone within a 10 yard radius to hear.

4. When someone calls me and they don't really have much to say but rather than say "alrighty, that was it, I'll let you go..." or whatever, they sit there in silence until I carry on the conversation because I don't want to seem rude by just assuming they are done and end the call. This is why I really like instant messaging. I don't have to feel bad about saying, ok....I gotta go take care of some stuff in the other room, when I feel the conversation has slowed to a dull roar, ya know? Also, it makes it less awkward for me, when I just need a tidbit of info or whatever and I can ask and then say "that was all I needed" and "thank you" and blah blah blah, get on with my day...

5. On the same note....I have a brother who likes to call and just ramble on about utter nonsense and it's almost painful to have to listen to. And even worse, I hate that I feel so guilty when I ask him "are you done yet?" He's usually not looking for a 2 sided conversation, just someone to listen to his rambling.

6. I don't often drink milk, but when I do...I refuse to allow my kids or my husband to drink some of it. (Josiah's allergic to milk anyway, so that's not usually a problem.) I have no problem sharing my soda through a straw or cup or water from a cup, but forget milk. It's not shareable in any form! (anything from a bottle is off limits w/my kids, but I have no problem sharing water/soda w/my husband.)

7. Begging. Enough said!

8. Guilt trips! Which is silly because this makes me a hypocrite....I have no problem laying a good guilt trip when one is necessary! But!...There is a time and a place for everything!

9. Sitting around on the weekends! I get to do that all week, because I lack a car during the day. When the weekend rolls around, I like to be able to get out. I prefer it to be with my husband and kids, but the husband is not always interested because he didn't get to "sit around" all week. I tend to understand and so we compromise....he lets me leave the kids at home while I go to my mom's house to scrapbook or whatever else I feel the need to do. Sometimes though, this would be the case of a "necessary" guilt trip! =)

10. People who are negative! Although, my husband tends to be negative and I love him anyway! That whole opposites attract thing....

One thing I find myself doing all too defending people I don't even know. It's usually when I'm talking to Josiah too. He'll be telling me about something someone at work did or said that he found frustrating or unbelievable or whatever, and I, for some dumb reason will throw in "well maybe's" if there was a better outlook for the incident or maybe it was taken the wrong way. I don't do it to be on a different page than him, it just happens and it bothers me.

Ok, on to my list of "likes"

*1o things I like...*

1. A really good Dr. Pepper! I hate it when you buy a 12 pack or even one from the fountain and the taste is just OFFF! Get it right already! Geeeez!

2. A clean house. This may sound silly, because hello...who doesn't like a clean home? But I do not at all claim to be a "good" housewife. Those who know me, know that my home is generally a disaster! I do have my days, ocassionally even weeks, when my home is a pleasant place to live in.

3. The smell of citrus blossoms in early Spring! MMMMMmmm....I need a perfume that smells like this!

4. A nice cool shower after a good workout!

5. Any meal that I did not have to prepare! When I cook, even if I like it, I still don't know if it's actually good.....I live with some picky eaters and it's frustrating to cook for them sometimes. When it's someone else's cooking, all that matters to me is if I like it!

6. I love to sing. I like to pretend that I'm good at it! I love to sit at the piano and sing while I play, although I'm not as good at playing as I used to be, so it tends to sound....crappy!

7. Hugs from my kids! Although, when I'm trying to walk out the door to go to the grocery store and they each need to give me 3 a piece before I can actually get the door closed? and then they even open the door to try and get "just 1 more" before I pull out of the driveway?....that's overkill!

8. Laughing! I love to laugh! I love laughing with my kids and my husband especially. We all usually get a good laugh in when Josiah pulls out his british female dinosaur accent! ....I'm sure he'd love to demonstrate it for anyone interested in hearing it!

9. Climbing into a nice cold bed at night after a long hot sunny day! Even more...I love having a fan blowing right on my face and getting all snuggled under a big comfy blanket. Just knowing that I'm nice and cool and if it gets too cold I can turn down the fan. Plus I think the sound of the fan is somewhat relaxing to me or it's like a security blanket type of thing. When I grew up, we had a swamp cooler and the only way to stay alive was to live under a fan.

10. Sleeping children. I love them when they're awake and happy, but it's such a pleasant treat to have them all asleep and quiet!

Well....there we go! I started out wanting to have 20 things per list, but I was having a hard time getting to 5, but didn't want less than 10! I figure I can add to these in separate posts as I come up with more. That's the beauty of blogging!


Nash said...

Yes, it is me! How did you find me? I just realized my name isn't anywhere on my blog. Blog world is small.
Cute kids.
A good website for nutrition and exercise is They have a section for women and success stories. Alot of them put their menus on there, it is great for food ideas. Oh and try diet dr. P, zero calories.
Good to hear from you. Love the scrapbook pages!

Jenna said...

Sarah, I will not share milk either! Gross! Though I share any other drink. Funny to meet someone else like that. And I love to sing at the piano too. Actually, we had lots of things in common. This was a fun way to learn more about you, thanks! I love you even more!

Abby said...

Hi Sarah.. I'm Abby. Nice to meet you. Hahaha.. this was fun! I got to see how much we actually have in common! I'm also with you and Jenna on the milk sharing thing..but since I'm not a huge milk drinker anyway..I'll go with yogurt. Even if Calix is begging me for some of mine, I'll give it to him..but either let him finish it or discard the rest because nothing makes me gag more than people who share yogurt. Ugghhhh gross!

I'm looking forward to more stuff like this down the road!

YogaNana said...

Very cool! I'm glad to know more about you!

Anonymous said...

hi sarah:
this was fun to read more about you. we have a lot in common. i don't like being around mean people, people who tear others apart, people who negatively gossip, people who are negative, and people who try to guilt trip you. life is too short to waste your time around that kind of downer. i love to laugh, side splitting laughter is the best. who doesn't love this? what you said about the kids and hugs was adorable. my girls are now teenagers, so i am especially enjoying volunteering with the primary children at church. i teach the 6 year old class. all these little ones are awesome and cuddly, and huggy, and sweet. they bless my days and make me feel lucky to be in their presence. i can really relate to you about the fan and the sleeping stuff. i grew up in hot and humid virgina/d.c. area, so totally appreciate NOT being nasty sticky hot yuck! i ALWAYS have a fan running in my bedroom and my office at work. i love having the background noise and i love being able to control the air flow around me. and i thought i was the only one who had to have this constant, too. good to see that you, another human being, has this need also.

great post, it was fun to learn a little more about you. and thanks for stopping by yesterday. hope you come back again :)

happy weekend, kathleen