Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A weeks worth of babbly goodness...

It seems to me that everyone is coming down with something. My kids and husband have been sick for the last few days. Trenton was running a fever on Saturday/Sunday/Monday. Alyssa stayed home from school Monday w/a cough and sore throat. Josiah stayed home from work Monday and came home early Tuesday still not feeling well. Camden seems to have swallowed a horse. I think Rylie and I are the only 2 that haven't been hit by

That's not 100% true though. My computer was struck with some sort of nasty bug. (Which obviously effects me.) I think it was brought on the other day when I randomly clicked on the "next blog" button which happens to be located at the top of every persons blog page on blogger. When I clicked on it, the page it started loading appeared to have some "questionable" content, so I quickly hit the back button on my browser and rather than going to the previous page, it just totally closed my browser. Seemed a little peculiar to me and wouldn't you know, the next morning, I have all sorts of problems w/spyware and adware. UGH!!!!! Fortunately, Josiah has been able to clean up most of the problem. My Hero! I'm still dealing w/some pop-ups but nothing too serious....I think. I may ask him to rebuild my puter....just to be on the safe side.

I think I'm hooked on buying coupons on ebay. That sounds so silly, but last week (ad went from last Wednesday through last night) Albertson's had Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on sale for $1 a can, and they were tripling coupons up to $1. I had 1 coupon (from coupons that my mom got from her Sunday paper and saved for me) that was "save $.30 on any 1 can of Pillsbury sweet rolls", which means it would be tripled up to $.90. Here at this Van Sciver abode, we are ginormous fans of those things. Soo, after my super dooper, money saving, coupon savvy, sister-in-law suggested getting multiple coupons for the same item, on ebay, I did just that! I was totally excited! I think I ended up with 30 coupons for those things. Soooo good! My refrigerator in the garage is stocked well w/them. While at it, I noticed the 15 count boxes of Totino's Pizza Rolls were also 10/$10, and I happened to have a coupon for saving $.40 on 1 box, so I was again browsing ebay for the best deal on a stack of those coupons. I didn't end up w/quite as many of those, but the boxes I got were totally free! Very exciting. I was totally bugged though, when I went to check my mail yesterday, I still hadn't received my new ads that start today. They usually come Monday or Tuesday. I haven't checked todays mail yet, but I've already gone to the website of the local grocery stores and checked out the great deals. The one I was most excited to find was the Eggo Waffles on sale 10/$10. Again, ginormous fans! I had already bought some coupons for those last week along w/the cinnamon rolls and pizza rolls, knowing they had been on sale a couple months back for that price, I was sure they'd go down again. Today I bought some more though. I'm totally gonna stock the freezer in the garage! Thanks for your tips, Hannah! I still gotta get one of those handy baseball card holder thingys though, for sorting.

What else? Halloween is coming. Yay! I think....I get so frustrated w/Halloween though. I want it to be fun for the kids and all, but I's so lame. I start thinking about how we're gonna make Christmas work way back in July/August. Then we get to September and I'm reminded that I gotta somehow squeeze a budget for Halloween costumes in there. I took the girls over to Party City last week. Alyssa picked out a little devil fairy costume. I of course would have picked out something else for her but she likes it. Rylie had picked out this Little Red Riding Hood costume but it ended up being too small so we returned it and found a 50's outfit at Savers. It's cute but needs some mending. It was only $7.99 though, compared to the $29.99 that I had spent on the other, which I thought I had only paid $19.99 for until I pulled the receipt out to return it. I'm not positive what I'm gonna do for the boys yet.

I was thinking of having Trenton dress up as the pirate that Camden was 2 years ago, but so far he's not interested. My mother-in-law made the costume and it's awesome! I had forgotten how nicely done it was til Rylie pulled the box out of the garage the other day. It fits Trenton perfectly! I had suggested to Camden a couple weeks ago that he dress up as a ghost. He seems to like that idea...for now. It would be pretty inexpensive to "make", but I'm not sure how he'd take it once he saw that all it would be is a sheet w/a couple eye holes cut out. You just don't see enough of those anymore!

Anywho...I think I've babbled on long enough for now....


idahohubers said...

We've got the sick bugs at our house too. Benjamin has a fever and runny nose junk. No fun. Hope you all get better. I like your coupon ideas I'll have to check that out. I'm hoping to see you for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

totally awwhh adorable pirate there! i loved it when my baby got to be a baby pumpkin.

i heard awhile back never hit that "next blog" because it might take you to unsafe blogs. i never hit it. that rots what you experienced. i like just going to blogs that i already know or that somebody i know already knows them. it is like having blogger word of mouth referrals i guess.

feel better little one,
kathleen :)

Hannah said...

Way to go Sarah!! Yeah we hit that Albertsons sale big time last week too. Fun fun!! You totally seem to have the whole idea of this coupon thing. You saw the coupon for the eggo's and remembered what the rock bottom price was! Awesome!

As for the Halloween thing, this will be the first year that we are not doing Halloween. It's freeing not having to figure out what the kids will be.

Jenna said...

Did the store still triple your multiple coupons for the same item? That's the problem I've been having, and have had to ring in separate orders. I can't imagine having to do 30 separate orders, though. I'm on the lookout for Eggo next week too! Fun, huh?

Jill said...

Hi Sarah,
Of course, I remember you. Thanks for your comments on my blog. It seems such a long time ago. But I do remember it well. It looks like you have some kids yourself. They look really cute. Where do you live? Are you in Lehi or Mesa? We live up north in Taylor near Show Low. I would love to hear more from you.

I hope your family gets better

Crazymamaof6 said...

i am so with you on he costumes for Halloween nightmare! and savers is the way to go! a tight budget and Halloween just don't mix, the kids have to participate but i can barely justify buying a costume when it comes down to that or a Santa gift! Hope fully he'll opt for the pirate! that is a super cool costume!

Crazymamaof6 said...

oh and super rad savings you got with your coupons! thanks for stopping by my blog! i always like new people who comment! come by anytime!