Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

It's hard to believe that November is more than 1/2 gone! This past week was fairly busy. Since Josiah and I renewed our Bally membership on the 8th, we have already been there 6 times! It would have been 7 but we had to cancel Friday night due to him being sick. We rescheduled the child care for Monday night though. GO US!

Also, we (my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and myself) had a yard sale yesterday, so I spent the last few days washing laundry and sorting out what doesn't fit/get worn anymore. I had originally planned on sorting through toys, but then decided that they don't sell well enough at yard sales, so eventually I will get around to listing some on ebay.

I'm so excited! My very good friend from HS (the only one I keep in very good contact with) has come down from Idaho to be with her family for Thanksgiving. We're getting together tomorrow for lunch! She came down last Thanksgiving also, and came over for about an hour or so. It was nice to visit with her, but for some reason I look so much more forward to it this time. Probably because we have been in better contact w/each other over the past year than we had before last year. It's always funny when she calls or I call's like we're in each other's head. I will have been thinking about her for the last few days or weeks and thinking I should call her but it just keeps getting put off, and wouldn't you know it, she ends up calling me! It's been the same when I've called her. Here is why I think that is...back when I was in Jr High, before I ever met Lisa in person (we didn't meet/become friends until our sophmore year in HS) I was aware of who she was, although I'm not sure if I knew her name. She had been diagnosed with cancer and I remember sitting in Sacrament meeting one Sunday and our bishop mentioned this girl who lived in this other stake who needed our prayers. Not even knowing her, other than seeing her at school, I prayed for her every day. Every time I saw her I wished I could be her friend. A couple years later, that day finally came. I think we had a mutual friend or something of the sorts. She carried me through High School...almost literally. I hated most of my HS experience. Had it not been for Lisa, I surely would have been lost. Our senior year, neither of us had dates to the prom, so we talked our brothers (who just happened to be friends also, and 3 years older than us) into being each others date. That was so much fun! We were also rebellious together and got our ears double pierced. That may have been after we graduated HS though and moved on to MCC. I don't remember for sure. I think that had to be the most rebellious thing I did in my teenage years. I will forever be indebted to Lisa, for all she has done for me.

This was my 19th birthday. Lisa had my car "heart attacked" w/messages from friends on the hearts. She also brought a cake to the institute building and surprised me w/it and all our friends gathered around to sing Happy Birthday!

This was July 4th, 1997. We were at MCC watching the fireworks.

Thanks, Lisa, for your friendship over the years!


mommyx5 said...

Good friends are priceless!! What a great story:)

So fun that you found us. We are related. I had to ask Layne because I am not good at all w/who belongs to whom in his family!!

idahohubers said...

You always were the more dedicated exerciser! And....HELLO way to make me cry. We've survived through the hills and valleys of friendship and being 900 miles apart and who would have thunk that blogs would help us reconnect - thank goodness!!! You are a dear friend too and I look forward to all our years ahead. What will we be doing in another 15? It was about that long ago that we met, can you believe that. These stories sure brought back memories. And thanks for letting the blogging world know how "rebellious" we were - so FUNNY!