Friday, November 30, 2007

Finish the Sentence...

Ok, so I'm finally biting...My sister-in-law posted this meme on her blog and I wanted to copy but haven't had the time this here goes...

I've come to realize that my ex is:
Non-existant. My husband is my first and really, only relationship that has ever mattered to me. I sort of had a boyfriend a few months before I met Josiah but it was fairly short lived and I realized very soon into it that he was not what I was looking for. I would never refer to him as my ex though. (Although he was the first guy I’d ever actually kissed.) Nor the guy that I went on a couple dates with between that so called boy friend, and meeting Josiah…I refer to him as “make out Brian” instead. Hehehe

I am listening to:
The rain outside the window…it’s been drizzling ALLLL day!...The T.V. in the other room…Josiah’s watching the Jazz vs. Lakers…Rylie telling me some story about what some silly teachers said at school about shaking eggs fast??…

I talk:
In circles or is it triangles? Either way, I always have a point when I start talking and eventually get to it, but there’s usually an earful of details and branches in between. The nice thing is, my husband loves me even after all these years of putting up with it. I think he’s gotten used to it by now and probably knows when to turn on ignore.

I love:
Fresh smelling laundry, snuggling under cozy blankets when it’s soo chilly, the peace of mind knowing bills are paid. Oh, and my husband and kids too….but I’m sure that’s a given.

I lost:
A couple pounds since we’ve been working out at the gym!

I hate it when:
I’m not motivated to do the things that I know I need to do.

Love is:
a many splendid thing?

Marriage is:
A work in progress.

*def. work in progress n. pl. works in progress A yet incomplete artistic, theatrical, or musical work, often made available for public viewing or listening.

Somewhere there is:
A pillow with my name on it.

I'll always be:
My mother’s daughter.

I have a [little] crush on:
this Dr…you all might know him….last name….Pepper….yeah, we actually had this “thing” for a while, but recently I’ve told him I need space. I still think of him often and on occasion I say “hello”…

The last time I cried was:
Well today I was watching Oprah…Vince Gill and Amy Grant were on there (they are married) and Amy was telling the story about how she and Vince’s daughter came to being able to put up with each other and it was sorta touching….I admit, I tear up easily. But real crying woulda been about a month ago when I discovered I wasn’t pregnant, after I’d really thought I wanted to be and there had been a chance that I was. I was kinda sad…cried some tears, then realized that I’m very happy with the 4 beautiful children that I have.

My cell phone is:
Too advanced for me…I shoulda gone with something more basic.

When I wake up in the morning:
There’s a good chance that Trenton has climbed into my bed and is snuggling my left arm.

Before I go to sleep at night:
I kiss Josiah and tell him I love him and to sleep well and have sweet dreams.

Right now I am thinking about:
Rylie’s interviewing me so I guess I’m thinking of answers to give her. She’s funny.

Babies are:
A good way to start people

I get on myspace:
rarely…the atmosphere is too loud for my taste.

Today I:
Was pleasantly surprised when Josiah walked in from work about 3 hours early…so I took Rylie shopping for her Pollyanna gift.

Tonight I will:
Probably fall asleep while watching a movie with Josiah.

Tomorrow I will:
Have a yard sale if the rain ever decides to go away. Possibly do a little Christmas shopping.

I really want to:
Be a good mother.

The person who is most likely to repost this:
Maybe Lisa? But she is still in town staying with her parents and helping to plan a wedding, so she hasn’t been blogging as much lately, or so it seems…


Jenna said...

This was great! I love you more the more I learn about you. I'm so glad Josiah has you. And I would very much like you guys to have another baby, so get back on that horse! That was surprising to read. And I tivo'ed that Oprah, so now I'm excited to watch it! I know how hard the whole step-family thing can be, for sure.

idahohubers said...

Ha! A little guilt trip there huh? I'll try to tackle this one later but for now I enjoyed your answers. You crack me up and you always think of creative things to say.