Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been tagged.....

My sister-in-law, Jenna, tagged me for this meme. Let's see if I can come up with 10 new, never been told on here, things about myself....

1. When I was in 2nd grade(?) my sister and I discovered that our neighbor 2 houses down had this super cool mailbox. The front opened like normal (normal for 20 years ago...the kind that sits out at the street in front of every persons house? you all with me here?) but on the inside, there wasn't a "bottom". The post of the mailbox was hollowed out and so when mail was set inside, it would actually drop to the ground and would have to be removed from the back side where it opened up w/a lock and key. Well, this one day, we knew that our neighbors were out of town or something, and so we snuck (although from what I remember it wasn't very sneaky...I'll explain that in a bit...) over, opened up the bottom (it wasn't locked at the time) and took all their mail out and opened it!! RIGHT THERE BEHIND THE MAILBOX, WHILE WE SAT ON A BLANKET!! (Not so sneaky) Anyway, we never got caught, but we did notice a few days later that there was a police man there and every day from then on, as I had to walk passed that house on my way home from the bus stop, I was super duper freaked out!! OOh! one of the envelopes we opened, there were two $1 bills, so we each took one. Fair enough, huh?

2. (Abby, your post about not being able to fight brought this to the front of my mind...) For the longest time I've had this on going dream that I would get into these fights w/usually much larger than myself sized women, and I couldn't punch for nothin! It has always made me very self conscious for some unknown reason, other than maybe I'd get into a fight in real life one day and my dream would become a reality!

3. When I was a much younger person, I didn't talk to my mom about personal stuff. Or maybe it was that she didn't talk to me about personal stuff, leading me to be too shy to discuss anything personal with her? Anyway, when I was in 5th grade, I was desperately in need of a bra, but could not for the life of me inform my mother of this fact, even though looking back at the pictures of myself, it seemed pretty obvious...I've made it a point to make sure my daughters know that they can discuss anything with me. I've even explained puberty to them only because that was another thing I was unaware of until it was happening to me.

4. When I was a little girl, I used to bring neighborhood cats home and basically decide they were mine. It pretty much went something like this.... see an innocent cat, go home, come back 3 minutes later w/a bowl of milk, call out "here kitty kitty...", walk home with pet, MINE!

5. When I was little...(seems there's a trend here...) we had these neighbors that lived down the street, the Farnsworths, and they had a daughter also named Sarah (although it may have been without an "h" at the end...just Sara, I don't recall for sure) who was a few years younger than me but she and her sister Stephanie who was a year or 2 older than me would come over to play and every time they would start walking home (ok, it was probably only 2 times at most, but in my memory, it seems like it was ALLL THE TIIIME!) I'd chase after Sarah and pull her hair, hard! Why? you may ask? I have no clue! Maybe because I hated that we shared the same name? I don't know.

6. When I was in HS I had a crush on these twins and the Christmas Formal was coming up (which is a girl ask guy dance) so I asked one of them. I'm not sure if everyone does asking to dances the same way, but in my day.....the asker always came up with a goofy way to ask and then the askee did the same sort of thing to answer. Anyway, at the time I was working at Little Caesars and I went in to work one night and found out that my assistant manager at the time had killed himself the night before. That of course made for a quite emotional night and when I got home, the guy I'd asked responded to the dance with a ginormous funeral type arrangement of flowers and a letter that read..."I'd rather die than NOT go to Christmas Formal with you!" Under any other circumstances, I'd have thought it was great, was the exact opposite and I couldn't believe he would answer in such a horrible way, even though he said "yes"...

7. The very first job I ever had was when I was 15, I worked for a guy in my ward who owned his own cleaning business. We drove to Scottsdale every day and cleaned some fairly big houses. I was even accused one time of stealing a belt. Fortunately on the day that the belt went missing, I had called out sick.

8. During my job interview for Little Caesars, (which was being held in the lobby) I spilled a cup of soda all over the floor, literally in the middle of the interview while the manager was asking me questions....I'm such a dork! Fortunately for me, that was not amongst their **reasons to not hire a person** I got the job and actually worked there for 3ish years.

9. One time when I was little I was holding a caterpillar in my hand, while outside, when I noticed that the car door was hanging open. I walked over to close it and ended up smashing my finger in the door. A few days/weeks (not sure which it was exactly) later my nail fell off and I saved it for quite a while....totally gross, I know!

10. When I was little I had a wart on the middle finger of my left hand that I was very self conscious about. I would pick at it and I probably tried to clip the skin around it, in hopes that it would go away. Eventually I just started wearing a band aid on it, rarely changing it cuz I was a kid and didn't care that it reaked like something awful! One night I was spending the night at my grandmother's house with my cousins and I took the band aid off and the wart had magically disappeard. It was really weird though and for the next few days I walked around with my hand tightly closed into a fist. But I was sure glad it was gone!

Whew! That is probably one of the most difficult things I've ever actually accomplished in my entire life!!! I made it through though, and for that, I know I'm a stronger person!

Who to tag??

I tag...

Lisa, because it will make me feel special knowing she did it for me!

Tami, because I recently outed myself that I've been stalking her blog!

Julie, because she always has hilarious stuff to tell!


Matchbox Mom said...

good list, Sarah!!

I love all of the childhood things that you said. Maybe that will be my 'theme' for mine. I'll have to post mine tomorrow when i'm not running around like a crazy woman...more like sitting down like a crazy woman. I'm so glad you're no longer a lurker! You're so much fun!


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! lots of confessions! and my mom was the same with lack of info regarding growing up. I think it was the era, but now all of us are free with the info since we didn't like growing up in the dark. I'll totally work on this for today's post. but i am totally running out of stuff I've never said before. i'm pretty free with the confessions. way to go . love your list!

idahohubers said...

YOU are making me laugh! I never imagined these things in your past. I'll have to do mine tomorrow. I'll be thinking of something...but don't think I can top your childhood memories.

Laurie M. said...

I found you through crazymama's blog. You are hilarious! This post is so funny.