Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What are we up to.........

I'm totally lame and haven't posted in over a week! Nothing super exciting has happened as of lately. There's literally like NO money to do anything, so I have been sitting around on my butt being lazy.

I did however get Camden registered today for Kindergarten next year. It was totally a good thing that I happened to drive by the school the other day though and saw the message on the marquee...otherwise I wouldn't have known that it was this week. Glad it's out of the way, but now we gotta get his vaccinations up to date. Fortunately he's more current than poor little Trenton who will need a million between now and the following year.

Camden is terribly freaked out about getting shots though. Ever since Alyssa had to get shots before she could start K over a year & a half ago, he's been telling me, "Mom, I don't want to go to kindergarten cause I don't want to get shots!" Sad, but true. I told him the other day that Trenton needs to get some shots too, and that maybe we can get them done together...they can be like surviving war victims. And then they can get ice cream and remember those moments. I can hear it now...

Trenton- "Camden, remember we had to get shots?"

Camden- "Yeah, first you got shots then I had to get some."

Trenton- "Yeah, I got shots then you got shots."

Camden- "Yeah"

Trenton- "And it hurt, right?"

Camden- "Yeah, we cried cuz it hurt, but that's ok."

Trenton- "Yeah, I cried then you cried, right?"

Camden- "Yeah, then mom got us ice cream."

Trenton- "Yeah, mom's pretty cool, huh, Camden?"

Camden- "Yeah, she's pretty awesome."

Trenton- "Yeah, Camden, remember we had to get shots?"...........

Ok, I may have overexaggerated the part about them thinking I'm pretty cool and stuff, but the rest of the conversation is totally how it will go. They do tell me I'm beautiful though, so maybe they think I'm cool too. Wait, no......they tell us

"Dad is cool and mom is beautiful"

They've informed us that I can't be cool cuz I'm beautiful. But when I've asked, "so daddy isn't handsome?" They say, he is, but he's cool"........or something of the sorts. Then I usually get them to agree that I can be cool and beautiful. Kids are pretty funny.

Another thing I've accomplished that has been 3 years in the waiting...I finally sent in for Trenton's birth certificate. Totally awful, I know. I also need to go to the social security office and get a card for Camden. For some reason I never received it after he was born. I called at the time to find out what the deal was because we were filing taxes and needed his SS#. To reorder one, they said I had to come down to the office. They were able to give me his SS# over the phone though. That was nice of them, but seems like an easy way to steal someone's identity.

This Saturday I have powwow for cub scouts. I'm not sure yet how excited I am. I originally thought it was only going to be from 8am til noon, but I just discovered today it goes until 4pm. Ugh! Oh well. Maybe I'll be a super dooper awesome den leader when all is said and done!

I don't think I mentioned before that the girls have a new piano teacher now. They have had 2 lessons with her so far. I really like her. She's in our ward and lives practically right behind us. Sooo, that alone saves us soo much gas. I am sad about letting go of their first piano teacher, but driving 25ish minutes one way is a killer. Plus the hustle to get Josiah afterwards and get back in time for den meetings was just too much. This is nice. The new teacher, Kristin, mentioned how surprised she was with how much the girls knew from just starting in April. It's always nice to hear other people say positive things about your own children. I honestly think I thrive off hearing things like that. Cheri, the previous piano teacher mentioned several times how they are naturals and how quickly they are picking it up. I have no doubts though, that she was an excellent teacher and have even wondered or hoped since switching, if I've made the right choice. Only time will tell though. I plan to invite her to the girls next recital though, so she can see their progress.

Last week I tried out Lisa's potato soup recipe. I adjusted it just a tad to fit to our likings (used onion powder and garlic powder rather than actual onions and garlic) and it was totally delicious! You can find it here. I fixed some rolls to go along with it. Oh, I also used basil instead of old bay seasoning, cuz that's what I had. I have no idea how similar/different those two items are, so I guess I don't know how different it makes it. I did use the italian sausage also. Thanks for the awesome recipe, Lisa!!

I suppose that's a good weeks worth (or more) of rambling for now. Hope all is well with everyone!


Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo on kindergarten registration! and bummer on the shots. i always bribe my kids. and sometimes they don't even cry. yeah. but sometimes they wail and scream like we are killing them , and in the end wither way they end up with shots. and a treat.
love when they call ya beautiful! i get "your cute" alot.
and sometimes you are a cool mom, or nice mom.

well good for you cooking and trying a new recipe! and yummy rolls!

have a fab time at scouts! you are an excellent leader i'm sure.

idahohubers said...

Been wondering what you're up to. I do always love reading about your day-to-day stuff. Glad you tried my soup recipe - I feel so domestic to share a recipie. Plus I made bread today in my bread maker - stop me now before I start making all the kids clothes! Anyway I went to a scout Pow Wow several months ago. We picked three classes and only one was a hit. The rest were boring. Hard to tell what to choose the first time around. It did give me a little pick me up about it all. This coming week we are making a Den Doodle! Do you know what that is? If not, google it. But those pocket hangy things with the beads were recalled back to china because of lead! So we HAVE to find a new way to show the boys progress along the way.

Geesh that was longer than I thought. Miss ya.