Friday, February 22, 2008

YAY! For Friday!!

I need to blog more often, so that I can share more regularly what we are up to. Now I get to go back and try to remember what all I've done!

(My sil tagged me yesterday, for 7 random facts about myself. This is an attempt at stalling, since I haven't come up with all of them yet. (I promise to play along though, Leslie! Hopefully in my next post...which will hopefully be less than a week away!))

Alright....rather than list every last detail, I'll just mention some "highlights" from the past week.

I got my hair cut last Saturday, well thinned.....ok....the girl didn't really know what she was doing and after I had to tell her how to properly "thin" my hair and she still couldn't get it right after the 3rd time.....I just got annoyed and said it would be fine. I should learn my lesson from this and actually go to a salon where I have to make an appointment, rather than walking into Fantastic Sam's and hoping to get someone who has a clue what the heck they're doing!!

I was up puking all night Saturday night, so we missed church on Sunday. I think it was something I had eaten from Chili's on Friday night.

Sometime over last weekend, Josiah and I watched Across the Universe...If you haven't seen it, you should. There is a brief encounter with nudity....similar to what you see in Titanic. So if that is cause for you to not see something...don't see it. But I thought it was awesome, and I'm STILL singing the songs from it. Yes, I realize that they're not NEW songs, but they left a lasting impression seeing them put into a story.

We haven't been to the gym this week. Josiah's been on call and I've found that it's best to not go when it's his week. He tends to be a little more cranky and a little more tired. Alhtough, looking back, this week hasn't been nearly as bad as his last couple on call weeks.

Wednesday I took Josiah to work. After dropping the boys off at preschool I hit up a couple grocery stores for their good sales this week. Albertson's has some good 10/$10 sales. I stocked up on some bread crumbs and muffin mixes. Also got several boxes of fruit roll ups and fruit gushers. Fry's has their boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale for $1.67/ I stocked up on that too, along with some ground beef. The ground beef was $1.99/lb, but that's still better than $2.50, right?

The girls had 1/2 day on Wednesday, so we went to my sil's house and had some lunch. Leslie and I worked on some scrapbook pages. I still need to finish mine but hers turned out super cute.

The other day we noticed our car was putting out blue-ish exhaust, so we decided it was time to take it in and have some service done on it. Josiah took it in to Jiffy Lube and shortly after he and his ride pulled away, they called his cell and told him it looked like it had NEVER had an oil change?! The car is a 2004 and has over 90k miles. We've only had it since August of last year. Sure, it was the first time we had taken it in...but the guy said it had stuff on the engine that was thicker than jello?! Totally gross! You would think Thorobred would have checked over stuff like that before selling it! Anyway, $350 later, our car runs much more smoothly. Also, whatever they did seems to have made the heater actually work, which we almost don't need now, and the engine seems to not be getting as hot. Definitely good stuff. We would have taken it in sooner, because it's been getting hot for a few months, but this world seems to revolve around money...something we don't have falling out of our pockets! We were expecting our tax refund any day though, and figured this couldn't wait any longer, and I am for sure glad it's taken care of!

I sent in some pictures this morning to be developed so I can finish my scrapbook page that I started the other day and hopefully work on a few more. Depending on how they turn out, I may or may not post pictures of them later.

And now that the weekend is here I want to get Easter clothes purchased before the stuff I want is no longer available in the sizes I need. Rylie's birthday is 2 weeks from today and she wants the new American Girls Doll, Mia. I need to get that ordered and hope it takes less than 2 weeks to ship. We're still trying to plan the details of her party. I have a few ideas but I'll save that for a different post. I think I've gone on for long enough for one post!

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!


Leslie said...

Oh come on Sarah, I know you have 7 things to tell...You are not a boring of a always have stories to tell..

Anyway thanks again for saving our butts this week..You are a wonderful sister-in-law and friend..

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome you got to hang with Leslie, and make pages. i want to see yours so get on that. and whoohoo for a car working better! that is awesome. and even better is the tax return. hallelujah! sadly ours is pretty much gone. hope you have a fab weekend!

Jenna Consolo said...

Finally something new to read here! I love it when you have something new! Sounds busy and fun. I can't believe a car dealership sold a car in that condition. That's horrendous. I love the Mia doll too. I saw her unveiled on the Oprah show several months ago. I always wanted to get those dolls for Lyndsay, but alas, never enough money, and now she's outgrown dolls. Sigh.

YogaNana said...

Of course you know we think that movie looks like a lot of fun -- and also looks like it's going to be coming home here soon. :o)

Abby said...

You know, I've never been to a real salon. I haven't had my hair cut by a professional since I was about 7. I'm the one who cuts my hair..or when I lived at home, I'd bug mom to do it. But I've finally decided I can part with $60 to make an appointment for next week and get a nice do, hopefully. It's pretty exciting to think about.

I've been aching to see Across the Universe (that's also one of my very favorite songs) since it was in theaters..and it's been on my Netflix for quite some time..but I'm trying to wait till O gets home to watch that one. Eeeee so excited!