Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eeewwww! I Have a Virus!!

Unfortunately, I don't mean a cold! My computer is sick! Whaaaaa! I was trying to find an mp3 the other day, via google, and the flipping website that I clicked on was apparently contagious! So now I'm suffering, atleast until Josiah can get around to rebuilding my computer. He tried removing it the "easy" way...which didn't seem like that much fun...but no luck. I'm still getting pop-ups and my computer is running sooooo sloooooow! I guess I should know better, after the last time this happened. Of course last time, it was from me clicking on the "next blog" button at the top of my blog. I thought google was trustworthy! We are like this...X...! I'm so let down. Bahooey!

Soooo....if there is anyone out there who still comes to my blog looking for something new to will see that this post was started on the 23rd and it is now the 24th when it is getting posted. Yeah, that's because while typing it up, I got an ugly error message and my window shut down, then I couldn't get back in to my posts to finish this up. UGH! I'm currently on Josiah's computer, figuring I'd just finish it up quickly and get it out there, so people know that I'm not just anti-blog these days.

I'll be back when my computer is functioning properly.


Scrappie Mom said...

Miss you!

tammy said...

Huge bummer! I hate computer problems. They usually happen when my hubby is out of town. I feel so cut off from the world when I don't have one.