Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy week!

We were kept fairly busy this week...which is always nice for a change.

Monday Josiah stayed home from work sick. I also discovered Monday morning that our phone wasn't working, so I got to call Cox and figure out what the deal was. All it really took was unplugging the phones from the jacks and plugging them back in. Monday afternoon the girls had their piano lessons. We had to reschedule from last Saturday because of a Primary activity.

Tuesday I took Josiah to work so I could drop off our rent check. While I was there, I asked about our lease ending and the possibility of increase in rent, if we decide to sign another lease. I mentioned that there are other rentals available in our area that we could get into for less than we are paying now. Of course we don't rent straight through the owner, so I had to speak with a gofur and am currently still waiting to hear back. I have a friend who I found out recently, rents out a house. When I spoke to him about it at first, they had someone living in it who's lease wouldn't be up until sometime in the fall. He menionted that their lease may end up getting terminated early and if that ended up being the case, he'd get back with me. Well, turns out his house will be available in about a month. I'm actually pretty excited about it. It's not in the same ward or school boundaries, but it's sooo much closer to where Josiah works. That's not saying we're going to take it for sure. We'd still just rather not move because it's SUCH a hassle! And as long as they aren't going to raise our rent here, then we will stay. Otherwise.....

Tuesday afternoon Leslie and I had cubscouts at her house. We planted a couple of trees in her yard. That evening I went running. I ran 4 laps and sped walked about 5-6. It was nice out and I felt pretty good about my accomplishment.

Wednesday morning I sat around on the couch for 1/2 the day. I watched 27 dresses. Very cute movie...for those who haven't seen it yet. Then I watched a couple episodes of Ace of Cakes that I had recorded, plus last weeks episode of Lost. Around 2pm, my sil brought 3 of her kids over for me to watch. She returned after about an hour and 1/2, but I kept 2 of the kids until about 9pm.

Thursday I don't recall what I did during the day, but I went running again Thursday evening. I got there kinda late, so I only ran 3 laps and walked about 4. Not terrible, but not as good as Tuesday night.

Friday I took Josiah to work again. For preschool we were getting the kids together at the park for a little picnic. I had completely misunderstood the email that was sent out about it and automatically assumed it was going to start around 11ish. I guess I took that from the fact that we were doing a "potluck lunch." I had planned on dropping Josiah off at work at 9, then running to the store to pick up stuff for chicken salad sandwiches, running home to make them, then having plenty of time to get over there. Well, just before leaving to take Josiah, I figured I'd better double check on the time. Going back through the emails I found it said nothing about the time so I called and it was going to start at 9. Had I not procrastinated the night before and just gone to the store then, rather than going running, then it would not have been so bad. As it turned out, I ended up just picking up some premade sandwiches. Not as good as what I had said I would bring, but they worked.

After the picnic, I had to go pick Josiah up and take him to another office because one of his people didn't come in and he needed to go take care of some stuff that she normally would have done. Since it was so close to my mom's, I decided to go and hang out there for a few hours. Camden and Trenton had been begging to go there a few nights before, because they wanted to play the PS2. I called before going to see if by chance my sister was home, but no answer, so I assumed she was at work. I was there for about 2 hours when my mom comes strolling down the hall from her bedroom. She had been there the whole time sleeping. (She normally would have been at work, but came home early due to pain in her back that was caused a couple days before) I enjoyed visiting with her for the rest of the afternoon. Fortunately, I was able to call the girl's school and have them walk to Leslie's house, so I could stay at my mom's until it was time to get Josiah.

Friday evening, Leslie was so kind and offered to watch our kids while Josiah and I went out. We went to see Iron Man and then went to eat dinner at The Olive Garden. Great movie! Yummy food! Very enjoyable evening out with my husband. We don't get to go out all that often. I need to find a good baby sitter in our ward. Well, someone besides Leslie.

Saturday morning the girls had piano lessons at 9. We had a birthday party for my nephew at 9:30. Afterwards, we came home and watched 27 dresses. Josiah hadn't seen it yet and since I was a brat and watched it without him on Wednesday, I told him I'd watch it again when he was ready to watch it. I dozed for a little bit after that and then got a call from my brother inviting us to go swimming at his fil's house. It was a little chilly, but the kids had fun.

This morning I woke up feeling not so great, major headache mostly, so I stayed home form church with the kids, while Josiah went and taught our primary class. While he was gone I started going over the curiculum for preschool this next week. It's my last week and I'm terribly excited about that! While going over the stuff I realized that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and so I've opted to just talk about that and put in my own little crafts and stuff, rather than talk about the suggested material. I'm excited but have a bit more preparing to do.

May is going to be a fairly busy month and I can feel June creeping up much more quickly than I'm prepared for! I'm mostly excited for the fact that several members from Josiah's family, who live out of town, will be coming in to town over Memorial Day weekend! You guys know who you are! :)

Ok, That's enough rambling! Until next time....


Crazymamaof6 said...

busy busy! good luck with the figuring out if you are moving or staying. but closer to his work would be fab. i hate the whole up your rent if you stay in it deal,like you make more money? UM NO!

fun you have scouts with Leslie. and whoohoo for her babysitting , way nice. and since she's so close it's even better. my sister in law offers but lives 45 minutes away, it isn't worth it.

have fun on your last week to teach preschool. WHOOHOO!

idahohubers said...

You have been busy. I can't even remember what all I did last week, just some of it. Jake took me to see Ironman yesterday. I was very uncertain about it...but I actually liked it. Funny we saw the same movie this weekend. I tried to get him to see the Bride's Maid. I still haven't seen 27 dresses but really want to. I'm glad you have family visiting soon that is always fun! Swimming already! We hit 65 today and the kids were begging for their little pool but it won't really be warm enough for that for a month.

Leslie said...

So I REALLY want to watch 27 dresses...maybe you could let me borrow it!! Paleezzeee?

Laurie M. said...

Wow, you are busy!! I hate moving too. Hope you can work out to stay where you are. I loved 27 Dresses- such a cute movie.

YogaNana said...

I know who we are, all right! Can't wait to see you all!

Jeremy said...

Ummm .... so busy you couldn't select some less nasaly sounding songs for your music on your BLAWGG?? Who the heck is Connie Talbot anyway??? and the vibrato is hideous... I'm sorry... make sure if I ever resort to adding music to my blog that you harass me until the end of forever... all this music on everyone's pages is enough to make me turn off my sound completely... especially when Leslie has 2 different blogs open at the same time on her PC and each one has a different song playing simultaneously! AHHHHHH!!!!

LB said...

Hi Sarah (and Josiah);
I am making the rounds of everyone to ask if there are any food do's or dont's that I should know about for your family as I try and plan for the get together at my place in a couple of weeks. Anything the kids will or won't eat,or you guys? Let me know, OK? and looking forward to seeing you all. Thanks!
Uncle Loren