Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maybe late, but still deserved!

As anyone with a mother is probably aware, Mother's Day was this past Sunday. I wanted to do a tribute to my mom but clearly failed miserably. Most of the day, thoughts went through my head of what I might say, in honor of my mother.

I don't really have any wonderful memories of times that I spent doing anything in particular with my mom as I was growing up. I mean, she was always there and she always showed love in one form or another, and I remember that. But I don't really have any fond memories of us frolicking through the lilies together, or things of that nature.

As I've continued pondering it this week though, I realized that what I remember most about my mother from my childhood, was that she was often doing things for others. She was always making wedding cakes, sewing bridesmaid dresses, taking meals to people in the ward, doing things for cub scouting or later, for scouting. She served as the Primary President, as a primary teacher, a Relief Society teacher, and many other church callings. She was constantly serving others.

Church wasn't the only area which she served though. She was up every morning in the kitchen fixing breakfast for my dad while he was getting ready for work. She would then fix his lunch and walk him out to the car to see him off for the day. She was always sure to have her errands completed before too late so she could be home when he called to announce that he was on his way home. At that point, she would get busy fixing dinner so that it would be ready and warm when he arrived. This of course is just one example and I'm sure I could list many others but for now, this will do.

I didn't pick up very many of her talents, like sewing, making cakes, etc. But from her, I did learn how to love and serve my family. It is a selfless act that I feel is not shown often enough in some families, and definitely not appreciated as it should be. Thank you Mom, for everything that you taught me, whether you realized it or not, or whether I showed appreciation for it while I was younger, I want you to know that I am forever grateful for your shining example. You molded me into the woman that I am today and I have no regrets of the way I turned out. You are my hero and I love you!


Scrappie Mom said...

Thank you! (sniff, sniff) That was too kind of you. I've never felt like I was the kind of mother that my children deserved. I am glad that you were able to think of something, though. Maybe I wasn't as big a failure as I thought. I think my children turned out in spite of me. I think that you are an amazing woman and mother. I hope that you are making better "mom" memories than I did.

Leslie said...

I think your mom is great. I am glad I have a mother in law who I get along with and doesnt tell me to my face how bad of a mom and person I am. I always dreaded haveing one of those evil mother inlaws and I think I lucked out...What she says behind my back...well as long as I don't hear it, I will assume its not to horrible.

And I think you are doing a great job as a wife and mother. And I can see how much your girls admire you, and that right there means alot as far as I am concerned.

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, how sweet! Your mom is cool. I love that all her grown-up kids still love her and you're all close. That speaks volumes about her.

idahohubers said...

Our Moms sound a lot alike - full of love and service and talents. My mom was often not in good health for many sessions of "frolicking through the lilies together" (smile) she provided those moments in her own way. I think her health and other responsibilities weighed heavily on her. Now that I'm a mom I try to throw as many of those moments in as I can handle. Parks, sidewalk chalk, baking together, digging in the dirt, blowing bubbles... Those are our lily frolicking moments for now :-) I took my love-sick 14 year old neighbor on her first drive by of a boy's house last summer... she was so funny/cute about it - I hope my girls will let me do that for them someday!

You are a great mom, I wish we could take our kids frolicking on play dates together every week! I like that word, can you tell!

Crazymamaof6 said...

totally sweet post! and that is a wonderful example she set for you! WOW!