Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday, I started my day by actually writing out a "TO DO" list. It's sad that only 1 thing on it was completed by the end of the day. Well, 2 if you count the "Make a meal Monday" post that I posted last night just before going to bed. But really. That was even kinda cheating because I just looked up the recipe online and copy/pasted, then just revised to the way I made it. Here was my "TO DO" list...

-Finish wrapping ribbon
-Post on my blog
-Go over preschool curriculum
-Cut out pictures for future "letter bags" for Camden
-Sort through 1 box in the garage
-Read atleast 2 chapters from Eclipse
-Finish "first day of school" scrapbook page

Yep! That was my list. Lame, huh?

Wrapping the ribbon took alot longer than I had anticipated.

before/in the middle of....I rewatched Dan in Real Life while wrapping and then I watched Keeping the Faith, which apparently is 8 years old, but I don't think I'd ever even heard of it til I came across it on the "On Demand" channel yesterday. I thought it was cute though. Very chick flicky, of course. Which I tend to enjoy.

Isn't it all SOOO pretty?! I think I'm in love with ribbon!

And now it's ready to be set up in my "almost organized" scrapbooking area...
...I'll wait to post pics of that though, til it is finished being organized.

As far as posting on my blog...I've posted tidbits here and there about this or that...but I haven't posted one of these looooong, agonizing for anyone to read, update posts, in quite a while. I knew I was due for one, so YES! I included it in my "TO DO" list!

Preschool...I hadn't originally planned on putting Trenton into any sort of preschool this year. The whole "no car during the day" thing....it really puts a damper on being able to do much... Well, a couple weeks ago, I got a call from one of the mothers that we did preschool with last year. She was wondering if I'd put Trenton into one already because she was going to be doing this one again only this year her son would be in it also, not just her daughter, but so far there weren't any other boys in there. She was hopeful that I'd be willing to put Trenton in so her son would have another boy to be social with. I'm such a people pleaser! UGH! Maybe a better word is "sucker"... Anyway, it wasn't going to cost anything, other than the supplies that would be needed for crafts on my week to host preschool, so I said, "SURE!....I'D LOVE TO!!" Well, I didn't show that much excitement. Yesterday was the first day, although Trenton missed it because I was held up longer than I'd intended to be, on a couple errands I was running yesterday morning, so we weren't home when the carpool arrived. To be completely honest though, Trenton wasn't too thrilled about going...he kept saying, "I'll go next time, mom." I offered to take the 2nd week, so now I get to plan out what we're going to discuss. The upside (and had this not been the case, I would have turned it down for sure!) is they are using a different program this year than we did last year. The crafts included in last years were too complicated for most of the kids and took entirely TOOOO long! I'm actually a little excited to be able to come up with my own. Thank goodness for google of course! I also offered to set up the first field trip which should be the first Friday in October. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm pretty lame when it comes to that sort of thing. I may just call the fire department. We went last year and the kids seemed to love it.

I don't think I need to explain dishes....other than they STILL need to be done!

Last week sometime, Camden brought a brown paper bag home from school with some directions stapled to the front. He was to find pictures from magazines, newspapers, etc, of things that started with the specified letter, cut them out and place them in the bag to be returned the following Monday. Alyssa had this same sort of assignment when she was in Kindergarten and it always got done at the last minute, probably as we should have been walking out the door for school the day it was supposed to be returned, and it was always SO frustrating! I rarely have newspapers sitting around my house...usually only ads, and I NEVER have magazines so we always ended up printing things off the computer that we googled. Well, the other day as I was cutting things out for Camden, I had this insanely good idea, to go through and find things for each letter in the alphabet, sort them, and put them aside, so later on down the road, we can just find that letter and place them in the bag. No more last minute searching/cutting. I realize many of you may be thinking..."doesn't that take away from him trying to figure out what things start with the letter "_"?!" I'll still discuss it with him when each letter comes up. Just because the pictures he will have to put in his bag will be different from what he may have come up with, he'll still have to tell me things on his own.

There are still several boxes in the garage that seriously just had random stuff thrown into them when we were moving. They for realz need to be gone through. Even if the majority of it just gets left in the garage, I'd still like to get the garage a little more organized so when the garage door is open for the entire neighborhood to see, it looks more like an organized mess, rather than just stuff thrown all about.

I'm only 2 chapters in on Eclipse, and I've had it since last Thursday. I really want to get through all 4. Since I started, I may as well finish, right? I really wouldn't say I'm in love with the books, just interested in what the end result is going to be. Alot of it seems to be the same thing over and over. Is that just me? Also, I was looking up the movie on IMDB the other day and I'm not too impressed with the guy that was chosen to play Edward. He's kinda weird looking. I'll probably still see it though.

As far as the "First day of school" scrapbook page......it has been at this point since I started working on it 4 weeks ago. Sadly. I kinda got stuck with trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. I'm using the same layout as I used the last 2 years for the "first day of school" pages, but of course I'm switching it up just a bit. Here's a look at last year's for an idea. If I ever get this year's completed then I'll post all 3 for comparison purposes.

In other news....

(I love saying that...mostly because it fits with my blog title! Call me a nerd!)

My calling these days is stressing me out. If I was given the option to choose what my calling was going to be, I honestly can't say that I'd pick being a den leader. I know I've complained about this before, but it's part of my life currently, so there ya go. At my grandmother's funeral, during her "life story" part of it, it was told that she was a great den leader. She loved being in cub scouts and she was very creative. She magnified her calling the best she possibly could. I wish I could have taken an ounce of the excitement she seemed to have had and put it to good use for me. Alot of things have changed though, since the time she was in cub scouts. For one, there is supposed to always be 2 leaders present. I understand why they have instituted this policy, but it definitely makes it difficult at times when it comes to scheduling things. A friend of mine from the ward, who saw how overwhelmed I was becoming, and knew I wasn't going to say anything to any of the leaders about it, stepped in and called the primary leader who is over cub scouts, and explained to her my problems. That leader then called me, and I've got to say, I really feel much better. Not to say that I suddenly love my calling, but I don't feel as guilty about the fact that I don't. I am trying. I suppose that's more than some people would do.

That all being said, I had to cancel the field trip that I had scheduled for this Saturday, because the activity day girls are having a "daddy-daughter" activity which would totally conflict with what I was going to do. Mostly because I was hoping Josiah would be able to come along with me and now he's got this with Rylie. That's fine. I have opted to have den meeting today instead, and we'll just do what I had originally planned to do last week, before I realized that last Monday was Labor Day. (We have been holding den meetings on Mondays because that was the only day the other den leader had available and yesterday, I just wasn't really in the mood to get myself together enough to have den meeting, so we're doing it today.)

I signed up for another scrapbook class which is being held tonight. It's fun and relaxing and I get to hang out with my mom, sister & sil. I'm considering taking pictures for the pages we're putting together, so I can actually complete them there. I'm sure no one has ever thought of that before!

And now I get to go clean my house, so that I can feel at ease about having den meeting here. I don't care what others say...I don't like having people in my house when it's messy. Not to say it's a disaster currently, but it's far from being approvable by me. My list will have to wait and in the meantime, I'm sure more things will get added to it. Afterall, Thursday I will have the car...


Rach =o) said...

ok, so I have to ask about the ribbon, cuz thats A LOT of ribbon. Seriously how do you have that much? I don't think i have even one spool in my house. Your "to do" list made me happy. I love reading your posts.

YogaNana said...

I have a lot of ribbon you can wind ...

idahohubers said...

Yum on the dinner from yesterday. I'm so hungry sitting here late at night working on a secret plan . .. you'll have to call me to find out what it is!

Good for you on the list and checking something off. I can totally realte about the Den leader thing. The saving grace is that the ladies I work with are awesome and we all share the load pretty well and don't have scheduling conflicts. Hang in there! Our boys just earned the 'Conservation award' and I'm feeling pretty proud of us leaders for helping them along. And we got to do some fun things we wouldn't have otherwise done. Check it out in the back of the book.