Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crabsy past few days...

I just made that word up. But here's what I would expect to see in the dictionary if it were in there:

crabsy [krab-zee]
-extreme adjective

1. The combination of crazy, busy, & crabby!

Anyway, that's really what my last few days have been....crazy busy, with a hint of crabiness.

Tuesday morning I called the doctor's office to see if we could get a same day appointment for the Dr. to look at Trenton's eye. His bottom eyelid was super puffy by the end of the day Monday and rather pink. The earliest time that they had was 10:20. Josiah decided to hold off on going in to work, so I wouldn't have to drive him twice in 1 week.

We got to the mall about 20 minutes early, so rather than waiting around in the dr's office, we headed over to Penney's to browse around. They happened to have their holiday dresses on sale for 50% off and I couldn't pass up the deal, not knowing if they'd go down that low again before Christmas. So I found a couple that I really liked for the girls and hung them together so I could quickly come and pick them back up after the appointment.

We headed back down to the Dr's office and had our little visit. Turns out it was a pretty bad eye infection, but not pink eye. We believe the term she used was periorbital abscess. We were able to get an antibiodic and clear it up though.

After the amount of time that it took to get the prescription filled, Josiah decided to just log into work from home, rather than driving all the way over just to have to turn around and drive home a couple hours later.

Wednesday I ended up keeping Trenton home from preschool again, just to be safe.

Thursday I took Josiah to work. On the way home I stopped at a goodwill and found a couple pairs of jeans for Camden for $1 a pair. After that, we went by Michael's to see if I could find anything that we might be able to use for this cake that Josiah and I signed up to make for our ward Halloween party. I was fairly discouraged by the time I left, and was really starting to feel the pressure of lack of time.

The kids had 1/2 day and I had parent teacher conferences from 3:35 until 4:30. I left the kids home while I went to those. It's always such a breath of fresh air going and hearing nothing but positive things about your children from their teachers. I love hearing things like.."She's the top reader/writer in the class & all her work is perfect!" (Alyssa) or "She's really focused and on top of everything, has lots of friends and is just the sweetest girl! Everybody loves her!" (Rylie) and "He's very advanced! He already knows all the stuff that isn't even required for him to know until the end of the 4th quarter!" (Camden) The only concern I had going into conferences, was with Camden and his ability to be moving constantly. His teacher said he's not at all a distraction and that he's very in control of himself during class.

I think I was literally beaming when I walked out of the school. We'll see what next year holds for us though. Trenton can be a smart alec at times. Not sure if it's the youngest child thing or what.

Friday started out pretty bad. I was trying to get everything ready for preschool this next week, keeping in mind that I had day camp the first 1/2 of the day Saturday and then the Halloween party Saturday night that we needed to spend the few hours beforehand making the cake...which we still were not 100% positive what we were going to do. We had thrown around some ideas. The first one being a couple cakes stacked and carved to look like a pumpkin. We considered using a bunt pan to give it the outside look that we'd need, without having to carve. Eventually we had this idea to do some sort of haunted house looking cake. Again, carving would be involved.

Finally, we came up with the idea of doing a spooky looking gravesite w/a hand busting out of the ground, still not certain exactly how to do everything so it would be just right.

Josiah ended up leaving work early Friday, so we took advantage of that time and headed over to his sister, Hannah's house, and she was kind enough to brainstorm with us a bit. She also was extra kind and allowed us the use of some of her cake decorating tools. (Thanks again, Hannah!) Off we went.

We headed to Michael's to pick up a few things and headed back home. We baked the cakes that night so they'd have time to cool

Saturday morning I was up bright and early (although being that it's October, it's not very bright at 5:30 in the morning) and headed down to the church, where we were meeting to carpool over to day camp. I'll just say I'm glad that is over. Although, I should add, I'm grateful for the other leaders in cub scouts, and the fact that I'm not alone.

We had some lunch when I returned home and then we got started decorating.

We had lots of fun working together to complete this project and were very happy (to say the least) with the final outcome...

To top it off, we won 1st place at the ward Halloween party. YAY, US!!

The girls and I decorated a pumpkin for the party...

Rylie wanted to cut/carve it, but since Josiah and I were working ont he cake, we really didn't have time to do any carving of the pumpkin. The girls still had fun painting it.

I think I'm ready for preschool tomorrow. A couple of the girls will not be coming this week, so that actually takes off a little stress. I think on Wednesday, rather than doing the regular "show and tell", I'll just have everyone come in their costumes and show them off. I've got a couple little crafts planned and a couple cute little games, but I don't think we'll do a full blown party. It will just be a relaxed fun day.

Now I'm going to take a quick nap before fixing dinner.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Hannah said...

Holy Cow!! You guys seriously rocked that cake!! It looks so perfect! Of course you won 1st place.

The pumpkin is so darling!

YogaNana said...

The cake is so cute -- in a scary way!

Leslie said...

Great Cake!! How many cakes were in the compitition? Were any of them remotly as good as this one?

And great word!!

Sarah said...

Well, I'm completely biased, but I'll send you an email w/a pic of all the cakes that were in the competition.

Katy said...

You are too crafty and must have extra time stored in a bottle somewhere.

Your cake is GREAT. Mine was the melting pumpkin and the vampire fangs.

lundgrenville said...

Okay, the cake was awesome, but why
didnt you bring the pumpkin. It was great. It may have not have been carved...but painted? It was awesome...I would have nominated you!! Infact I was the one that made the final decision on the cakes...I didnt know who decorated any of them, so it was completely annonymous....
You talented woman!!!
As far as the Crabsy....I have had a few of those this week:)