Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too funny!

The scene: Camden & Trenton are arguing while wrestling in the living room; one not wanting to do what the other is trying to force him to do. I walk by as I'm helping Alyssa w/a load of laundry and have beyond given up on them "knocking it off", after my several attempts at yelling at them to "knock it off!"...

Trenton: (w/some serious whine to his tone...) Camden, come oooon!

Camden: "N-O spells NOOO!"

Trenton: "S-S-N-Y, YEEESSS!"

Me: *giggle*

Gotta love kids who want so badly to know how to spell!

(just one of those little things I didn't want to forget.)


Abby said...

Haha! Well..he got some of the letters right..

What little fighting darlings. You should hug them for me.

YogaNana said...

Cute! How cool it is now that you kids :o) can keep these little memories and pictures in your blogs and share them, too.

idahohubers said...

Your boys are such cuties! Camden sounds very assertive! Trenton spells better than my kids!