Monday, December 29, 2008

Camden G. Money!

Today Camden turns 6 years old!! So far I don't think he has any issues with his birthday being 4 days after Christmas. Hopefully he'll never let it bother him.

With his birthday being smack in the middle of Christmas break though, I decided to put off doing a birthday party for him until after they go back to school next week. So it will be almost 2 weeks late, but he'll be able to invite his friends from school this way. It will be his first birthday party with friends afterall. Can't let the Christmas break put a big damper on it the way Summer birthdays do.

We did get him some presents to open today though. And in just a bit we're going to go out to lunch and eventually we'll eat cake!

In honor of his birthday though, here's a walk down memory lane at each of his (or right around) birthdays.

Camden's "BIRTH"day 2002


(Because you can't really see him in the last one...)


2006This wasn't on his birthday, but I can't seem to find any from his birthday that year, or from a birthday party. So this will have to do. It was taken 2 days before.





scrappiemom said...

Happy Happy Birthday Camden! My have you grown! Grandma and Grandpa Smith love you lots.

Jenna Consolo said...

Happy Birthday, big guy! 6 is officially big guy, I think! And now you get to have 2 birthdays!

Raelene said...

Happy Birthday to Camden *!*
Love, from Grandma and Grandpa Holiday *!*

The Thomas Crew said...

What a fantastic idea Sarah. It's fun to take a trip down memory lane :) Happy Birthday Camden!!!

idahohubers said...

Ahh, what a cutie! Your kids are old! I had fun yesterday, we'll do it again for sure before I go!