Monday, January 12, 2009


It's Monday again. A week since I last posted. Ironically, I'm procrastinating again! My house isn't a disaster today like it was last Monday, however my sink and it's surrounding counterspace is begging "please release me, let me go!" from the amount of dishes placed on and in. I've really neglected them over the passed week.

It has been quite a week though, so I have that as an excuse, right?

Josiah ended up staying home sick a couple days. It really didn't bother me that he was home though. It always works out better for me when he stays home, cuz then I have a car to run errands with, without having to take him to work and pick him up.

Trenton had his first dentist appointment last Thursday. He needs 3 teeth pulled + spacers added, a couple fillings put in and a baby root canal. Ugh! In all, after insurance pays their portion, our estimated portion is $329.10. Nice! He's 4 years old for crying out loud. We're trying to be better about making our kids brush their teeth. Afterall, they don't need lack of that adding to the hereditary poor teeth problem that they get from both sides.

Friday I got to go on a field trip with Trenton's preschool class. We went to the Spine and Joint hospital and the kids were hooked up with a bag full of loot. One of the mom's father-in-law works there and arranged a tour for the kids. Lots of fun!

I somehow didn't make the connection that I had scheduled to bring birthday goodies to Camden's class that same day at 1:20 and the field trip started at noon, so I ended up being late to drop off the goodies. Camden seemed to be ok with it though.

Saturday we did Camden's birthday party. As it turns out, you can't find Indiana Jones themed birthday party stuff anywhere, so that ruined my cake idea. We ended up going w/Pirates of the Carribean so atleast the treasure hunt would still fit. Friday I came up with the idea to just decorate the cake to look like a treasure map. Well, 9 o'clock Saturday morning rolled around and I realized I wasn't going to have time at that point to bake the cake and let it cool in time to decorate it, so I just grabbed a cake from Walmart. (I know, I will be shunned by a couple of my inlaws for this, but I did what I could in the little amount of time I had, plus I really like their cakes w/the whipped topping. Buttercream is overrated!) I think the kids had fun. We did have a boy fall in the pool though, when they were outside finding the "treasure". I felt awful! According to his dad, he seems to fall into the pool multiple times on accident during the winter. Atleast he can swim and is used to the frigid temperature. We got him some of Camden's clothes and threw his into the dryer. They were done just in time for his dad to pick him up.

Looking for the treasure map...

Trying to figure out the treasure map...

Finding the treasure...

Last week after Josiah returned to work from his 2 week vacation, he found an email that had gone around from his boss, saying that he wanted to rearrange the schedules so that no one was having to work til midnight or on the weekends. The 2 available shifts were going to be 7a.m. to 4p.m. and 10a.m. to 7p.m and they needed to let him know asap as to which shift they would prefer. Well quite frankly I was a little perturbed about this! Josiah had been working the 9-6 shift for the past 4 years and it was working out very nicely with our schedule. His boss had just hired an extra guy a few months back just so they could have extra coverage in the evenings and on the weekends and now he was screwing that all up. Also, a couple weeks ago Josiah was telling me about how his boss told all the guys on his team that when there was something that needed to be escalated within their team, to send it to Josiah because he's the only one not on hourly. So now I was thinking "great, he's going to be given all this extra stuff at home that he's gonna have to do that he won't get paid for. Anyway, I was really being selfish I think, and after the initial annoyance wore off, I started considering all the good things that this schedule change may possibly bring. Besides the fact that Josiah will have to get up 2 hours earlier (early for him) and that I'll have to walk the kids to school (because I can't send them out the door alone in the morning and just assume they'll make it to school even though I have no problem with them walking home alone afterwards, but I justify that with the fact that all the walkers leave school and are walking home at the same time, they don't all arrive together.) there aren't many other downfalls. He'll be home 2 hours earlier which will be nice for everyone, especially for me on Mondays...he can help w/crowd control when I have my rowdy cub scouts over, and Tuesdays when Rylie has activity days...I can help in the carpool, and on Thursdays I may bag taking him all together, because the girls piano isn't until 4:30 which was the biggest reason I was taking him...which in turn, will save us gas! YAY! for looking at the bright side!!

Yesterday while I was at choir practice, Josiah found Trenton...

Anyway, surprisingly my dishes are STILL waiting for me! Hope everyone has a great week!


Raelene said...

You have the patience of Job. I'm sorry you get dumped on, since you have a hard time saying no. I do too, and then I sometimes get so overwhelmed I just want to scream. That stress is one we could all live without. You will find blessings for your service though. On another will have to make a book for Trenton of all the photos of his spontaneous sleeping positions, he his hilarious.

Leslie said...

Just as Jeremy gets a schedule close to Josiah so they could possibly carpool here and there, they switch him...Kind of annoying but just be thankful that he has a job that provides for your family. Everything else will always works out one way or another.

Katy said...

You are too nice for your own good sometimes but you will get ton's of blessings in heaven for it (and you deserve them all).

You are kind, patient, strong, and you can deal with everything that comes your way because YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS (the trick is doing them with a smile but I know that you can do that too).

Crazymamaof6 said...

holy cow! you are nice.
crazy week!
hope you got your dishes done. good job buying a cake. sometimes you can't do it all .
and bummer about the schedule change but way to look on the bright side.

Jenna Consolo said...

Trenton is cracking me up! How is that position even comfortable, let alone for sleeping in? Crazy kid.

Hey, if there's one thing I've learned, brushing isn't enough. I brush my kids teeth until they're 5, but all of the cavities they've had have been from not flossing enough. So, we stress that like crazy around here. Having teeth pulled is so sad for a little guy! I will still do random flossings myself on even the big kids just to make sure, since I'm the one stuck with the bill in the end.

Sarah, you always are the nice one. I hate that you get stepped on ever, but I'm so glad you're so nice!

Love you!

lundgrenville said...

Okay, in the world did he not fall off the chair...second, you silly are too sweet to ever say no....thats why EVERYONE loves you! And third...I am so sorry, it has taken me ages to findally blog search,...I finally updated mine...after 3 weeks of my blog just sitting,...ugh!
As for the job...I understand job frustration! It isnt say the least.
Ps. Im still giggling over that picture of Trenton.
And if it makes you feel better,...I just paid $200 for Kaylia to have a tooth pulled..yikes