Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can we say, BUSY!?

So incase anyone hadn't noticed, the day after tomorrow is the last day of the month. I don't know. That's what the calendar is telling me.

This morning Alyssa had her weekly honor choir class which meant I had to walk down to the school twice to drop kids off. I had only been home for about 10 minutes after walking down the 2nd time when I got a call from Rylie. The kids had planned to buy their lunches today because French Toast was on the menu. Turned out the toaster(?) was broken so they weren't able to fix that (Not sure when people started cooking french toast in a toaster...maybe they come frozen and they use a toaster to heat 'em up?) and Rylie was asking me to fix her a lunch and bring it down. Well upon hearing this, I knew Alyssa wouldn't be happy either (she rarely buys and was ONLY buying today so she could have the french toast) so I decided I'd fix them both a lunch and walk them down. I decided to wear my sneakers which I was glad about because after dropping the lunches off Trenton was very hopeful that I'd push him on the swing at the park which he knows I don't like doing when I'm wearing flip flops. He even pointed out, "You're wearing your sneakers, mom, so you can do it." It was nice out so I decided, "sure! why not?!" We hung out there for about 20 minutes or so then we walked down the street and around the corner to the neighborhood walmart to pick up a few things. Instead of just walking, I decided to make an adventure out of it. We started by listening to the different sounds that we could hear; birds chirping, wind blowing, cars driving by, airplane overhead, etc. As we approached the corner we took a shortcut and walked through the gravel and continued in the dirt along the wall that seperates back yards from the main street. While holding Trenton's hand he climbed on and jumped off each of the big rocks. Along the way we found a dried up leaf that was bigger and a different shape than what was in the trees/bushes along the way. I noticed this and suggested he pick it up so we could see if we could find what tree it came from. We plucked a leaf from each of the different trees along the way and compared them but never found a match. (I assume it was a traveling leaf and it had come a long way!) But it was fun. Different from just walking and not talking which tends to be the way it usually goes. I'm usually just in a hurry to get back home and tend to find myself repeating "come on Trenton, lets go" and "hurry up". We stopped to look at some ants that were crawling back and forth along this twig and I explained to Trenton how that little twig was like their freeway. He thought that was kinda funny and he found another similar twig nearby and extended their 'freeway'. We also discussed what a fire hydrant is and what it's used for (besides what dogs use them for.) We arrived at Walmart, made our purchases and headed home.

Last night we got to go to Academic Night for Rylie. It's for students 4th grade and up who get all A's the first 3 quarters of the year, with the exception of 1 B. YAY! For Rylie!! Awesome job!! WOOOHOOO!! She was given a certificate at school and received a pin at the ceremony.

Saturday morning the kids had a joint birthday party to go to for my niece and nephew at Bounce U. I went and hung out with my sister-in-law and after the party we went to their house for a bit. She then offered to let me leave them there and suggested Josiah and I go out, so I took her up on that. We went and saw 17 Again which I wasn't sure if it was going to be too teenage-ish for us or too chick-flicky for Josiah or what. As we were waiting through the commercials it appeared that it wasn't an audience full of teenagers, or even just a bunch of girls so I wasn't as worried about that anymore. My sister would probably say it was too corny but Josiah and I both got some pretty good laughs out of it. I felt it had a good story line and could probably actually reach a wide range as far as audience goes. I recommend it.

Friday night we took the kids to the school's annual carnival, which as usual was not as organized as I think it could have been. Next year, since I will no longer have any kids at home, maybe I'll have to take the initiative and join the planning committee! That'll learn 'em! I think for the most part though, the kids had fun. Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen for dinner and then some ice cream.

The Saturday before that was non-stop GO for me! The day started with a photo shoot w/my sis-in-law which we ended up being late to, but Leslie did an awesome job and got some great pics! Here is a small sampling...

Anyway, after the photo shoot I had a Pampered Chef party to go to which I had to leave early from to get Alyssa to a birthday party which was being held at As You Wish which is a good 15 minutes from where we live. As it turned out there were a few other girls from our neighborhood that were going and it would have made so much more sense to put together a car pool. We know better for next time!

On the way home Rylie and I stopped at Costco to pick up a few things. We decided we wanted to try their Orange Chicken but while we were standing at the freezer, a lady walked by who was also about to pick some up and she was talking to her son about the coupon that she had for it, which reminded me that I had gotten a thing of Costco coupons that week and should run home to get it before buying it. I didn't figure it'd be too much out of the way since I'd have to come right back by it when it was time to get Alyssa from the party. Home we went. Sat down just for a minute and then right back out the door. We ended up grabbing a few other things that we found coupons for. I need to remember those coupons more often. This was my first time actually using them but a couple months ago I had gone there and bought close to $150 worth of stuff only to find within the next few days I had some coupons sitting around that included one for about 1/2 the stuff I bought! Aargh! Lesson not quite learned, although this time around it wasn't too late. Maybe now it has set in and next time I go I'll have them with me. We'll see! Anyway, we made our purchase and left to pick up Alyssa. It seems like we had something that evening also but I don't even remember what now.

I suppose this maybe makes up for my lack of posting for the last couple weeks! Hope everyone is doing well!


Jenna Consolo said...

I don't know where you get all your energy, Sarah. You're such a cheerful mom. If my kids had called wanting me to pack them a lunch on a day they'd agreed to buy, I'd have said no. (and then felt bad later, maybe)

You are one busy lady!

I LOVE the pictures! The colors are so beautiful. Would it be possible for me to buy a 5 x 7 of the family when you order them? I need family pics in the house!

Leslie said...

Congrats to Rylie, I am so upset with Landon's teacher. This is the first year where he is getting one C. But I have heard from other teachers that she is really hard, it's her way or no way. I keep telling Landon that it's okay. I know he is better then his grades say he is. Anyway, I was able to request that Layna NOT get her next year.

You got it good next year with all the kids in school!! I have at least 4 more years, if not more to get to have that peace!! But I did register Jacob and found out for sure that we are keeping all day so yay for that!!

Hannah said...

You are such an awesome Mom Sarah!

I want a picture too! They are so good!

Abby said...

Yay Rylie!! Hard work pays off!

Leslie took those pictures?? They're absolutely gorgeous..loves it!

..Costco does coupons? I wonder if Sam's Club does! We got this letter in the mail from them yesterday telling us how much we've saved there this year..and I would love it if that number went up! I need to get better about coupons for sure!

You inspire me, lady!

YogaNana said...

Nice warm busy post! I love the pictures, too.

Tell Rylie Nana is so proud of her she cried at the video. You don't have to tell her Nana is strange, she'll figure that out.

Be seeing you all soon!