Monday, April 13, 2009

Where is April going?!

One of my VT'ers called last night to schedule a day to come visit and after getting off the phone I thought, "Wow, they are getting that done early this month!" Not that I was bothered by it or anything. Well, after finishing up preschool this morning (it's at my house this week) I sat down and was thinking of calling my VT'ing partner so we could get it out of the way early also, when I looked up at the calendar and realized it's not exactly early anymore. WHAT?! April is 1/2 over! Next thing I know the kids will be out of school for the summer and I'll be expected to keep them entertained. After reading my sil's blog today, I realize that I should be excited about this opportunity, but truth is, I don't look forward to it. It may partly have something to do with the fact that I don't have a car during the day most days. This is generally not bothersome to me at all until I have my kids home and it suddenly becomes more apparent how nice a second car would be. My kids get bored easily. I don't want a 2nd car for now though. Someday. But that day hasn't come yet.

For the past week I've been somewhat "out of commission". I've had this weird chest congestion, probably bronchitus but I haven't gone to the doctor. The last time I went running was last Monday and I almost died then, from feeling like I couldn't breathe. I'm worried that I'm losing all my muscle and that once I'm able to breathe properly again, I won't be able to run the same. UGH!

Anyway, other than that nothing super exciting has been going on. We had a nice Easter. My niece was baptized Saturday morning and we would have been early only I didn't pay attention to details in the email so we went to the wrong building and then couldn't get a hold of anyone to find out where it was actually supposed to be. I guess I've fallen into the comfort of knowing that someone usually calls me to find out how soon we'll be somewhere or if we're going to make it, so I can just ask those sorts of last second questions at that point. This didn't end up being the case on Saturday though. Fortunately my sil Leslie finally saw that I called and she called me back.

Saturday evening we colored Easter eggs...

The kids didn't seem to have any problem finding where the Easter bunny hid their baskets...

(Hopefully this will be the last year using those baskets!)

Last night we went to my brother's house for an Easter dinner which included ham, rolls, cheesy potatoes, corn, & deviled eggs. It was YUM!

This afternoon I have cub scouts. Wednesday instead of regular preschool we're going on a field trip to the county fair which I guess is free, but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go. This is my last week of having preschool at my house, so there is a bonus. YAY! Thursday I have dentist appointments for each of the kids. Trenton's is to get a spacer put in which was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago but he's got odd shaped teeth or something, so they had to take an impression of his teeth and have one custom made. The other kids I scheduled cleanings for and hopefully they will do x-rays also, to see what sort of stuff they need done. I've decided I want to get everyone (atleast the kids) taken care of asap so we can be on track and get braces lined up if we need to. Not a bill I'm looking forward to, but want to do this for my kids if at all possible because I've lived a life of crooked teeth and don't want my kids to go through the same if they don't have to. I still hope to get them for myself one day, but for now, they come first.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying April before it's too late!


Jenna Consolo said...

I loved the pictures! So cute that the whole family is color coordinated. Hey, so where did you find ties for the boys? They're clip-ons, I'm guessing, and I looked everywhere for one for Aiden with no luck. He wore one of Dylan's old ones that was passed down to us, but I'd like to get him his own.

Anyway, I know, April is flying by! Aaaagh!

YogaNana said...

I was also going to say how cool that everyone was color coordinated, even "Siah. :o)

What are you going to do with all those eggs? Special recipes?

Sarah said...

I made super yummy deviled eggs. :)