Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Earlier today the girls were in my room watching an old home video and Camden was in and out of there a few times. At one point someone (and I'm pretty sure it was Camden) bumped the ironing board and knocked the iron off but didn't bother to pick it up. To turn on the iron, you tip it forward (and then set it back in it's standing position...for obvious reasons.) Well when it got knocked off, it was triggered ON and was left sitting on the floor w/the hot side down. I really don't know how long it was like that before I walked in there, noticed it and picked it up, but it was long enough to burn a whole into the carpet, and leave a very stinky smell! I don't even want to think of how quickly a fire could have started and how crazy that would have been!

So, needless to say, today what I am grateful for is that our house is still standing!!


Leslie said...

In our first house, one of the kids took the water heater out of the fish tank and it ended up on the floor. We had left and after a few hours had returned to smell soemthing funny. After a little while we figured out what it was and found it had burned a hole into the carpet. Somehow I imagine that some carpet is semi fire proof. Thank Goodness nothing happened in either case. House fires are one of my biggest fears!!

Jenna said...

Thank goodness! Isn't that just like a kid to knock something (big) over and just leave it?

So glad you're back to your blog! I've missed it!

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