Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This time of year, without fail, is busy busy busy! This year I actually have added to the regular stress by making bottle cap necklaces to sell on ebay. It started when I bought this magazine at Hobby Lobby for Christmas card ideas, only instead I got caught up in the idea that it shared of making bottle cap crafts. What they showed were magnets but to me they looked like Christmas tree ornaments so naturally I decided I wanted to try making some.

Well...(small sidenote) I had bought some Monster High dolls at Target a few weeks ago that I was going to try selling on ebay. In looking them up on ebay to see how much they were going for, I came across bottle cap necklaces that were made w/images of these Monster High dolls...and they were selling. I had already put money into a big lot of bottle caps, all I needed was some chains and to know for sure how to put it all together, so I googled that info. Wow! is ebay addicting!! The best part though, was that they were running a deal where you could list for free as well as free "buy it now". That's always been the drag in the past, having to pay to list things and not knowing if it will even sell.

Anyway, it turned into a little business for me and my girls. We used different images (non Monster High) and they took them to school to try and sell. Rylie has sold a few. I was actually surprised at the response that we got when we advertised it on facebook. I am almost out of chains. I reordered more last week but I haven't gotten them yet. I thought they would have been here yesterday. Of course the seller didn't provide any tracking info...which stinks!

It's been fun though. It's given me something to do. Sadly though, my printer is acting up. I ordered some new ink a couple weeks ago and it's not working properly. I guess that's what I should expect from remanufactured ink cartridges. I actually ordered me a new printer last week too. The one I have I actually got from my mom after she bought a new one because she was having some sort of problem w/this one. It has worked off and on. I decided to google it to see what reviews have been on it and it turns out it's not just mine but most people haven't liked it. Lots of people complaining about pouring money into ink all the time, and another problem I'm having where it only prints a portion of the page 1/2 the time, others were having also. That's when I decided maybe it wasn't just the ink...

So back to the beginning of this post...I had mentioned that I bought that magazine for Christmas card ideas. Yeah...I don't think cards will be homemade this year. I want to get them out before Christmas Eve. I did get a picture of my kids the other day to put in w/it, so that's good. Of course really, that's an understatement. I wish it had been that simple...of just getting "a" picture. The camera comes out and my kids can not be serious. I was so frustrated!!

Here's a few of what didn't get selected for the Christmas card...

I almost gave up because Rylie was having a girl moment and wouldn't stop crying.

She eventually got a hold of herself.

Then I wanted some individual ones...

Rylie 11

Alyssa 9

Camden 7

Trenton 6

Rylie wanted me to get a picture of her holding a present...this was the expression she came up with...

But this was my favorite...

Tonight I'm getting my hair cut. YAY! I go too long in between cuts! My last one was in May. But actually that's pretty good for me...I've gone much longer in between before.

Tomorrow's a 1/2 day for the kids. For mutual tomorrow night, the young men and young women are combined to make gingerbread houses.

Friday Alyssa is supposed to be singing w/the school choir for a school event but it's also our ward's Christmas party which I would much rather go to...I'm torn! Not sure if she's required to be at the school thing.

Saturday morning my mom and sister are supposed to come over to do some baking. (I hope they don't cancel!) And then Saturday night is Godaddy's big holiday party. Should be lots of fun!

I also need to get my lesson prepared for Sunday! Soo much to do! Where's all the time going?!


scrappiemom said...

I'm not canceling! Hopefully you won't!! I'm looking forward to it!

Jenna said...

I wanna come do baking with you girls! That sounds like so much fun!

Yes, busy, busy. I love the pics of the kids that "didn't turn out". They're so cute and real! Your children are so beautiful, Sarah! And they are growing up!

YogaNana said...

Of course I love the picture you sent in your card, but the *out-takes* are pretty great, too. And I also love the one of Alyssa with the present.

So happy to see all these posts and pics! I had no idea you were blogging again because I stopped and now I never check the blogs anymore! FB -- evil!!!!!!!

music lady said...

Great looking pictures of a great looking family!