Thursday, August 16, 2007

...better late than never?

I wanted to post a pic of the cake Hannah made (since everyone is posting pics of cakes) for Alyssa's 6th birthday party...Hawaiian Luau style, partly so that everyone could see what an awesome job she did on it (at the last minute) and also to tell her thanks! I had called her the day after the party to thank her, since Josiah had picked it up for me because I was insanely busy trying to get everything all set for her little friends. Her husband answered though and said she was napping, and I failed to ever get back to her! I'm such a bad sis-in-law!! it is.....thanks again Hannah! It was perfect!

Note the coconut bra! How cute is that!?


Hannah said...

You are so welcome! Now I don't ever want to hear of anyone in my family getting their cakes from Wal Mart! It's just not right!

I'm really glad you guys liked it.

Jenna said...

So cute! Hannah showed me a pic of this at her house. She's incredible, isn't she?

YogaNana said...

Very cute! Kids' birthdays are such a zoo, aren't they?

You know, I thought about sending a birthday cake to Micah last month and the next thought was, "Oh! Hannah!" Followed quickly by, "No! Diffefrent neighborhood!" :o) And the services online that will do that ... you know, just a bit out of my price ballpark. So Micah, if you're out there ... it was a good thought, anyhow.