Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Scrapbooking fun!

I went ahead and took pics of some of the scrapbook pages that I've put together. Most of the pages I've done don't have any photos as of yet. Mostly because I'm just excited about making cute pages. Plus, the fact that I take only digital pics anymore so I don't have mounds of photos just sitting around waiting to be made into pages. I've found that making cards is lots of fun too and makes me feel less guilty about them just sitting around than a photoless scrapbook page, y'know? I have used a few to give away, whereas the photoless scrapbook pages just sit, except when I look through them for either ideas for another photoless page idea, or occassionally I do have a pic that I'm doing a page around.

This first page I basically got the idea for the layout from a page I'd seen in a magazine. It was a "mother & me" page and quite a bit busier than I did my page. I actually had the page made up for a while before realizing that our beach pics from Mexico last April would go perfectly on there. I really like the way it turned out.

This one here is using pics from this past Easter. Again, I got inspiration for these pages from another page, but I changed quite a bit to make them my own.

This one is pretty much the same deal...found a layout I liked, found the papers/colors I wanted, went to town! It's one of my favorites though.

These next 4 were pretty much layouts that I came up with all on my own. They aren't wonderful, but I was pretty happy with the results. I feel like this one to the left here should have a mirrored image of each page on top...a big 4 page layout!
This one I had fallen in love with the printed paper and knew right away I wanted a white paper for the border. I had a hard time matching the light pink in it but finally came up with something that went ok.
For this one, I thought I was pretty special in coming up with the idea to cover the chipboard "love" in printed paper and cutting around w/my exacto knife...turns out I was not the first to think of that, I found the idea given in a scrapbook magazine that I'd purchased a few weeks later. Darn! I was still proud of myself for coming up with it on my own before reading about it in that magazine.

The rest of the pages that I took pics of, are ones that I basically followed a kit, but I picked out the papers/colors and added my own touches...

I have more pages, but most are straight up kits. Cute, but not my own.


YogaNana said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! Something I could totally get into myself if I had more time at home. (The usual excuse.)

Thanks for sharing!

Abby said...

Gorgeous! See? Mine would totally be soooo plain compared to yours! I'm stealing ideas..ya know..because that's what sisters are for.

Sarah said...

*blush* Please do...it makes me feel good to know that someone likes what I've done enough to borrow. Course...not all the layouts were 100% *my* ideas, but I will still take credit since I chose the papers and made other minor changes. =D

Hannah said...

So do I remember you saying you would sell your pages? I think scrapbooks are adorable but the idea of making one total overwhelms me. I would however buy premade pages and just stick my pics on them!!

Serioulsy, those are so cute!

Jenna said...

Great job, Sarah! I wish you were closer so you could see the book I made for Adam for Christmas. My first attempt at scrapbooking. Not as gorgeous as yours, but fair enough. You're an inspiration!

onehm said...

You are so talented! These are beautiful! I am always impressed with people who still paper scrap. I have gone digital and I will never go back!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and the song you mentioned is "What a Wonderful World" by Innocence Mission.