Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Things Kids Say...

One thing I always told myself I was going to do, was to write down all the funny things my kids said as they were growing. Whether it just be the cute/funny way they pronounced words, or flat out funny things that made me laugh out loud. Well, sadly enough, I did not follow through and have forgotten A LOT of it. Occasionally my memory will get jostled and I'll remember something funny that so-and-so said, but otherwise, that's about all I've got to go on.

In an attempt to do better, I think I'll use blogland as a place to "keep record" of new things as they come up.

For instance, a couple weeks ago I had to go out and buy Trenton a new pair of flip flops because the 2-3 pair that I'd bought him most recently, he'd broken. (I buy the same brand (TCP) of flip flops for Camden and he doesn't have the same issue, so I think Trenton is just rougher on his shoes.) I decided to find him some more "sturdy" flip flops to see if we could avoid having to buy him another new pair before Spring. Anyway, I take the boys over to Payless and we start looking. I find this pair that has got some stitching on the soles and the little nubbin on the strap thingy doesn't go all the way through the sole. I figure they're probably durable enough for little rough and tumble Trenton and so I take them down, pull them out of the box and ask him to try it on. Right away he's like, "Mom, those are girl shoes!" Me..."No they're not...they're totally dood shoes..." After a few moments he's like "ok" and put his foot in. They fit perfect so we pay and leave. Later that night I'm getting ready to head out the door for den meeting and he thinks he's gonna get to come with me so he's like..."Mom...WAIT! Let me get my dood shoes..." This was too funny that he'd actually picked up on calling them that. He still calls them that. Here's a picture for all to see what a pair of "dood" shoes looks like...


Here's another cute conversation we had this morning...

*setting* He'd been eating Ritz crackers w/some of that "cheese in a can" spray stuff on them...

I walk by the bathroom and see him looking in the mirror sticking his tongue way down his chin...

Me..."What are you doing, Trenton?"

(He turns and looks at me; there's a bit of cheese on his chin that he's trying to reach w/his tongue...)

Me..."Can I help you?"...I grab some toilet paper and wipe it off.

Trenton..."Can you get my hands too? They're filfy dirty."
(He had a couple smears of cheese on them. I thought it was cute that he said they were "filfy")

Then he informed me that he would flush the toelet...that's one of josiah's favorites "toelet". He chuckles every time he hears Trenton call it that.

Then there's always the reverse psychology that both Camden & Trenton try to pull on us...after they've had a cookie or whatever junk it is that they want more of...

"Mom/Dad...I know I can't have another cookie..."


Partners in crime!


Jenna said...

Those are funny stories! It is so hard to remember them all, isn't it? They seem to happen almost daily with lots of kids. Cute boys! Man, Camden looks like his daddy at that age! You're so lucky that you had girl, girl, boy, boy. Perfect set-up!

Hannah said...

Toelet!! That is funny!

Hey Ash has that Hi ya shirt too!!

Gotta love The Children's Place!!

idahohubers said...

These are the memories that remind us how nice it is to be a MOM! I want to know some of what you're doing in scouts - so post about one of your favorite activities one of these days. Can't wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

awh so fun! i am grateful that i wrote little journals to my daughters before they were born and while they were babies and little ones. so glad that i wrote so many of the neat things they said. you're right, unless you journal near the time something happens, you just can't remember all the precious extra details. i started a post on very thing 15sep. come and see if you are interested. thanks for sharing the cuteness. happy Sabbath, kathleen :)