Thursday, February 14, 2008


Rylie was almost out the door this morning when I remembered I hadn't gotten a picture of her Valentines that we had made. I only remembered because she had the bag of them in her hand along with the big valentine for her teacher that we'd made and the bag of cookies she was taking into her class, so I was telling her to put the cards into her backpack...and "Oh SNAP!" I forgot! So I quickly grabbed the bag, ran into the kitchen, Josiah wondering what in the world I'm doing...all so you can all see these...

They didn't turn out nearly as cute as I wanted them to, but as I was making them I realized how expensive this actually was so I opted to not add any extra embellishments besides the ribbon. Fortunately I already had all the ribbon that was used. Less than 1/2 way through putting all the ribbons on, I was like...."gah these are soo ugly and it's taking so long!!" I just wanted to scrap it all and just go buy her some from the store. But Rylie liked them so I carried on. I should have invested more time in coming up with the layout. Oh well...perhaps next year!

I gave the kids their bag-o-valentine stuff this morning. They were all thrilled! The girls got dressed and Josiah took them to school. Amazingly they made it through the gate this morning! WOOHOO!! While Josiah was gone I slipped a card that I bought him into his laptop bag, actually between the monitor and keyboard of his laptop. I think he opens it everyday at work, so he should be getting it without me having to call and tell him. I was going to leave it on his desk here at home, so he'd get it before he left, but then I knew he'd feel bad that he hadn't gotten me I figure if he gets it at work, he can go out during the day to grab something....if he feels so inclined. I also will be picking up a cookie bouquet from my sister-in-law Hannah today. She is an awesome cake decorator. You should all take your Cake/cookie needs to her! You won't be disappointed!! Anyway, I can't wait to see it. I will have to post a picture of that tomorrow of course!

I also gotta remember to get some random pics today so I can scrapbook them. I never think to take pictures on V-Day. I'm totally lame!

I want to fix Chicken Parmigiana for dinner tonight. I think that's sorta romantical, right? Maybe Josiah has something else in mind...honestly though...lets be serious...that isn't like him. And you know what? I love him anyway!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day!!


idahohubers said...

The Valentines are really cute! I want to eat dinner at your house. I bet we'll end up having oatmeal or something equally boring that sits well with our sickies.

Abby said...

Those are absolutely precious, Sarah! No one does homemade stuff anymore and those are the things that tend to be liked the very best. You're just adorable.

Jenna Consolo said...

What do you mean, 'ugly'? They are probably the best Valentine's that any of the kids are getting! I love them! Very cute, and yes, the cost can get ridiculous. Try doing it for 5 kids' classrooms. (be quiet, Mom)

Oh, and about your comment on my blog...I DOUBT that Josiah is allergic to all vegetables. I've never heard of that. Maybe some, but I've not heard of that either. Melons, yes. But either way, these are cooked purees, so I think you could sneak them in without telling him and save him from colon cancer or something else awful! That's what I have to do for Adam. Good luck!

Crazymamaof6 said...

those cards are freaking adorable! and yeah i can see why they cost alot cute paper isn't cheap.
great idea to put the card in his bag. and i hope he felt inclined to get you something. sounds like a fancy dinner. and can't wait to see your pictures or valentines day festivities and your cookie bouquet.

YogaNana said...

I think the cards are wonderful! And it's so cool to make things yourself and get the kids doing it, too.

I couldn't help thinking of the time my poor mother volunteered to make valentine cookies for my class: big pink frosted hearts with white piping and each child's name. I did not help.

Leslie said...

I made cards for each of my kids, but I am afraid they werent nearly as cute...and they werent as cute as lisa's either..but I did the best I could with the time I was alotted..Baby Luke keeps my arms pretty busy.

And I think you should sneak some veggies in on josiah also..see if he notices. If you don't I will and not tell either of you..Those brownies he says he like so better watch day they might have some spinach in them or some carrots..or broccli..hehehe just kidding, I dont know that I could do that to brownies for my own sake.