Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm sucha procrastinator!!

I totally apologize for putting this off soo long! I've been helping out at preschool this week, so I haven't really taken the time to update for the answer to Monday's post.

Here goes....

1. TRUE- I did play the flute from 5th -9th grade. I actually continued playing in 10th grade but found very quickly that I didn't like the teacher at Westwood, so I quit to join the choir with my friends. I did enjoy playing the flute, but really wanted to sing instead and knew the choir teacher there was pretty cool.

2. TRUE- I was totally part of the VL Club. About 2 months before I met my husband, I started "dating" this guy named Shawn who I made out with....although I really didn't want to. I ended that relationship after a couple weeks, just in time to meet this other guy named Bryan, who as I think I mentioned in another post became known as "make-out Bryan" because he really taught me how to kiss. That too didn't last very long, just long enough to give him a nickname. I then met Josiah a couple months later which, yes, we did kiss on the first date, but it was just a peck on the lips and he had the courtesy to even ask first, if he could. So that alone made him a keeper!

3. TRUE- I have this OCD with washing my hands. Ok, 80-100 times may have been slightly overexaggerated, but I do wash them an excessive amount while I'm fixing dinner. Like, if I wash them, then get into the fridge to get something else out, I have to wash them again after touching the fridge, before I can touch the food again. (not the only example, but the only one I'm gonna use for now) I go through a lot of paper towels while fixing dinner. I think Leslie could probably attest to this, since I've fixed dinner at her house a couple times in the last couple months.

4. LIE- Ok, This would have been true had I used the names I wrote down. The only name I had picked out before I was married that I KNEW I for sure wanted to use and we did, was Rylie. As for Camden & Trenton's names...Yes, they are both the name of a city or county in New Jersey, which happens to be where my husband is from, but neither of them were actually named after them. In J.H., I knew a guy named Kamden who went by "Kam" and I thought it was a super cool name. I don't recall if it was Josiah or myself who brought it up when I was pregnant with Camden, but we both liked it. I will admit though, that I never knew it was a county in NJ until I was pregnant with Trenton and we received a birthday card in the mail from Grandpa Holiday, for Camden, and in it he said something about "tell your parents to name your brother Burlington." I was like....what a weird name.....why in the world would we name him that?! LOL...Josiah explained it to me then. But I think also, if we're being completely honest here, I don't believe I knew that "Trenton" was the Capital of NJ either. Trenton was another name I liked, but back in the day, I worked with a guy named Trent and I had a smallish crush on him, so I never brought the name up as a suggestion, because I didn't want Josiah thinking I wanted to name our son after this guy. Josiah was the first to mention it, but right away, I agreed that I thought it was perfect. As far as Josiah is concerned, we did NOT name our boys after cities in NJ, it's just complete coincidence. But it is still funny to joke about!

So there you have it. A few new things that you know about me! Thank you all who played along!


Jenna said...

Yay! I was right! That was fun, Sarah!

Leslie said...

So your going to do this again next week, right? Next time you are going fool me, right? I know I didnt leave the right answer but I didnt want to give it away!!

miller care(y)t tops said...

we lived in nj for 3 years and loved it! while living there i wanted to use both of those names if we were to have a boy- we had a girl!