Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yay ME!! -&- Upcoming Busy-ness!!

I'm totally stoked! My brother called me today to ask me something about my cable/internet service. As annoyed as I was that he called and didn't actually talk to me for the first 3-5 minutes of the phone call...he was fiddling with something on his the end, he has saved me about $18 a month or so, plus I got a bonus!

Here's what happened. During our conversation, we were comparing the break down of our Cox Communications bills. We both have Cable/Internet/Phone through them. I've had my cable & internet through them since we moved into this house 2.5 years ago, but dropped Qwest as my phone service about a year ago or so, because I was going to be able to get a discount w/Cox's package deal. Well, shortly after I switched, I was looking at my bill thinking, "this doesn't look like I'm saving anything..." but at the same time I switched, I upgraded from a regular digital box to an HD/DVR box which was more expensive, plus there was an extra charge for the DVR service. I thought it was all silly and wondered why they hadn't explained the breakdown of the bill to me better, but figured I was just wrong and so I never called. Well in going over our bills today, everything sounded pretty much the same except that he had this "Bundled Savings" thing of $17.95 or there abouts. I was like...."HOLY COW?!...I was right all along and should have been paying less this whole time!!" So I called them up. The lady was very nice. She was attempting to backdate as much as possible, but was only able to take it back to December, which is sort of a bummer, but hey, I caught it sooner and should have called, but assumed I didn't know what I was talking about. She did however upgrade my internet service plus she gave us the next cable tier up for free, & we'll be paying $17 less each month!! Totally exciting!

Anyway, that was a long boring story, but there it is!

Today I've been busy with laundry and baking chocolate chip cookies. I mostly had to just mix the dough. Alyssa put them on the pans. She's my little cookie helper. I will admit though, they turned outo super yummy!

My next week and a 1/2 is gonna be pretty busy! Rylie has a birthday/slumber party to go to tomorrow night which means we had to reschedule piano lessons to the afternoon. This sunday is my turn to do the Primary lesson. (We teach the kids who are 4 turning 5.) Next week is my week to do preschool. Tuesday afternoon I have den meeting. (totally excited sil was called to be my new assistant!) Wednesday for preschool we're going on a field trip to the Superstition Farm. The one right behind our neighborhood, so atleast it won't be a long drive! Thursday Rylie will have activity days. Friday is Rylie's birthday. Saturday morning Alyssa has a birthday party to go to and then in the afternoon we will be doing Rylie's birthday party! Alyssa was very hopeful that I would come along on her field trip that she has on Thursday, but being the terrible mother that I am...I informed her that they only allow so many adults and that I was sure taht they already had enough, and plus I couldn't bring Camden and Trenton. Of course she suggested I just take them to Leslie's to have her watch them. Silly kids.

Anyway, I gotta take Rylie now to buy a gift for her friend. Until next time.....


Leslie said...

I hear ya...however i did volunteer for the field trips..kindergartens to a county fair..SCARY!! to protect my own child i would like to go. And Layna is going to a dentist boring but she wants me to go..I do not know if I get to go but we will see.

Sorry about your brother/my husband ignoring you...but hey you made out like a bandit.

I may atempt to give the primary lesson again this week, but I may just walk out of the class if they acted like they did last week. Better yet, maybe i wont prepare a lesson and then i wont be so upset when they don't listen to it.

Anyway, I dont have to teach preschool but we do have baseball practices and I told my mom we should go to the zoo and hmmm i dont know if i can actually "one up you" but i guess i gave it a try.

It seems like the older the kids get the busier we get.

And I am glad that I am in cub scouts with you..i think we can do great things together...

Toons said...

Ok - so you made me look at my bill to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off either. But I have the "bundle savings", so I guess I'm ok.
Sounds like you will be a busy, busy person!

Laurie M. said...

Lots of fun stuff going on at your house. Congrats on saving on your cable bill!

Jenna Consolo said...

Whew! I'm exhausted for you! (Or am I exhausted because my whole life is like that already?) Either way, you're a champ!

YogaNana said...

I remember a life like that. I loved it, and I bet you do, too.

And your story about your Cox bill is what I do for a living, you know. :o)

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo! on that savings. and wow busy week. good luck with all of that. YUMMY cookies. wow. i should do that. with my kids. i like cookies.