Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life Is Too Precious!

I came across a blog yesterday, of a mother who recently lost her husband. I started reading her blog from the beginning and found myself sobbing as I sat here reading. What a strong woman she is. She lost her husband shortly after Thanksgiving, just before their son's 2nd birthday, just before Christmas, just before her 31st birthday. As much as she doesn't want to continue on without her husband, she knows that she must for their son.

One of her entries made me realize how quickly some of the day-to-day things that drive us crazy now about our husbands or any family member for that matter, can be taken away. And how grateful we would be to just be able to have any one of those moments back if it meant we could spend just a few more moments with a loved one. I realized how much I take for granted even the simplest things and decided I need to write them down so that I can reflect back often and hopefully enjoy them a little more today. We never know when it will be our last time to enjoy them.

I'm sure there are many more than what I will get to right now, but here's a start...

Daily, (usually several times a day) my husband tells me how cute/hot/beautiful he thinks I am. I usually think..."oh, he's just saying's not possible that he could actually think that about me"... I will be more grateful for the fact he says these things to me. Some wives never get to hear them.

Every morning as my husband leaves for work and every night as we go to bed, we tell each other "I love you"...when I call him during the day, as we are getting off the phone we say "I love you"...I often wonder...."Do we say that too much?" I am grateful today for how often we say it, and even more for the fact that it is true. Some wives don't have this connection with their husbands.

Just about every chance my husband gets, he will walk passed me and caress my butt. Even if he's just walking by and has his hand out so it lightly touches it as he passes. He usually has some silly comment to add such as...."Oh I'm so sorry, I had to 'squeeze' by"... when there was clearly 5 ft of walking space atleast. I will be a little more understanding each time he does this.

Every day my husband gets up and goes to a job that he dislikes quite a bit, with little to no complaint. He does this knowing that I will be sitting at home doing things that he himself would much rather be doing. I am grateful for the fact that he loves his family enough to provide for us, even if it means listening to his boss for a good portion of the day, rather than getting the things done that he *needs* to be getting done.

I'm grateful that he likes to snuggle with me at night as we fall asleep. And that he doesn't complain when I have to pull his foot between mine so that my ankles aren't resting on top of each other.

I am grateful for his sense of humor and quick wittedness. He generally keeps me smiling because of these two things.

I'm grateful for the times that my husband lets our children know that they are being disrespectful towards me.

I'm grateful for the love of movies that he is teaching our children to have, as well as the love of basketball. Our 9 year old daughter enjoys sitting and watching basketball with him and asks all the right questions. I'm sure he loves that!

I'm grateful that he holds the Priesthood and that I can come to him for a Priesthood blessing anytime I feel the need.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, there are a million more things I could list and maybe I will use another post, another day, to mention more. But for now this is a good start.

I love you so much, Josiah, and am truly grateful to be able to wake up next to you every morning! I just want you to know this, and anyone else who is reading to know this, because we never know when it's the last time.


Scrappie Mom said...

I'm so glad that you are so thankful for your husband. I think we all tend to take them for granted. I know even after all these years, I would be lost without your father. As corny as that sounds, it is true. Life is really too short some times.

I hope you notice that I am the 1st to respond to this! Mom.

Hannah said...


Can I tell you how nice it is to hear how much love you have for my brother. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that he has his own family now. I'm so glad he has you Sarah. You are such a beautiful and warm and loving person. You are exactly right for him.

YogaNana said...

As Josiah's mother, I'm so touched to see that he has a wife who loves him so much and that he's doing a good job as a husband. :o)

Kinda thought he was making a good choice!

Leslie said...

He even grabs her butt, when clearly everyone is watching..

But thats okay because its nice to see that he loves you so much.

idahohubers said...

You are so CUTE! I love these real life, sincere examples - well said.

Toons said...

Thanks for putting it in the forefront of our minds! We need reminders to be grateful, sadly enough. You are truly blessed and now I will go count my blessings!

Toons said...

HA! Love your hubby's made up songs!! You'll have to post that sometime!!! :)
Of course you can borrow it and of course you can add me! I've added you to my reader but now I need to update my sidebar.
Have a great-ful day!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Now you made ME cry! I love Josiah! And I always knew he would be a good husband. So glad you two have each other, and you're right...we need to appreciate EVERYTHING, because if it was taken away, we'd miss even the annoying things. Thanks for the good example. I'm going to be more grateful for my husband too.

miller care(y)t tops said...

what a tender post! i too have a wonderful hubbie and most of the items you listed describe mine to a "t"! you know, i just always take these good qualities for granted, so i appreciate that you have noticed them and are trying to savor them more. i can't imagine my hubbie not saying, "love you" after every phone call, or not kissing me each time he comes and goes, etc. it's something i take for granted!! thanks!

tammy said...

Love this post! (I hopped over here from Crazymama Julie.)