Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lots of Randomness...

This morning after I showered, I was getting ready to put a towel in my hair by flipping my hair over my head, and I pulled a ginormous muscle in my butt! I don't think I've ever pulled this particular muscle and it hurts like heck!!!! At first it was a major sharp pain that shot from my right butt cheek down toward the back upper thigh area. This was going to be my day for cleaning my much needed, attention deprived house. UGH! Now it hurts to walk, lift my leg, get up from a sitting position, etc. HOLY COW!! Any suggestions on how to fix it?

In other news...

The other day I was going through some "junk mail" sitting on my desk and came across a letter from the school district. When I got it in the mail last week and saw that it said "To the parents of Alyssa Van Sciver" I just assumed it was in regards to her tardiness or something of the like, so I wasn't too concerned with opening it right away. Well, I'm very glad I came across it again on my desk and opened it afterall...It turns out it was a letter from the Elementary Art Coordinator, informing us that Alyssa's art work had been selected as one of the exceptional designs to be on display at the 2008 Annual Elementary Art Show!! All I could do was giggle in excitement for her as I sat there reading it. I of course assumed it was a picture she had drawn or colored because she loves to do that sort of thing. She's said for the last couple years or so that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. That talent does happen to run in my husband's family...When I asked her about it though, she said it's a star that she made. She knew she had been selected and she didn't even mention it to us. I guess I've taught my children modesty. Or maybe she really doesn't care, but knowing her, she does and I bet she's been beaming on the inside ever since and was just waiting for us to get the letter to surprise us. I'm very curious/excited to see it! The exhibit is this Thursday evening.

Rylie got to do AIMS testing last week. They started on Tuesday. I had to giggle when I asked her after the first day how she did....Here's about how the conversation went...

ME: "So how was your day, Rylie?"
RYLIE: "Pretty good."
ME: "Did you start the AIMS testing?"
RYLIE: "Yeah."
ME: "How did it go?"
ME: "What part did you have to do today?"
RYLIE: "The writing section."
ME: "Oh yeah? What did you have to write about?"
RYLIE: "The title was The Day The Teacher Didn't Come To School."
ME: "Oh yeah?"
RYLIE: "Yeah, we only had to write 3 paragraphs, but I wrote 5..."

So Alyssa is our little artist, and Rylie is our writer.

It's always fun to find Rylie's stories floating around the house. She's very creative. I love it! I am hopeful that I will get to read her story from last week. Josiah tried to convince her one day about a week or so ago when she was bored, that she should start writing a kids book. Of course his thinking is that she could make a lot of money doing it and then support us so he doesn't have to work anymore. Wouldn't it just be great and very ideal?! Anyway, she wasn't excited about the idea, so unfortunately, there are no "works in progress" as of yet. She actually wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Atleast that is what she currently wants to be. A while back and for a few years, she wanted to be the owner of a store and call it "Van-Mart" We always got a little kick out of it. The ideas that these kids come up with are amazing sometimes. She had it all pictured and planned out in her head. I'm grateful for the creative minds that they clearly get from Josiah's side of the family. I hope they keep them forever and grow and expand their imaginations and experience their dreams.

For dinner the other night I made homemade Chicken Cordon Bleu. It turned out pretty good, but I think (for my own personal taste) that I put too much swiss cheese in each. But that's ok, it was my first time...next time I know to put less. Josiah liked it, and even Rylie liked it. I think I even noticed that Alyssa, my picky little eater, ate several bites of it. Now to define "picky" with her...she eats some of the things that I don't think alot of people will eat, like pickles, tomatoes, green olives, hot cauliflower, etc but she doesn't really care for hamburger for 1. She will eat it, but only cooked specific ways. So maybe that makes her more of a finicky eater rather than a picky eater? Or maybe they are classified as the same thing, I don't know. Either way, it doesn't bother me. I realize that everyone has their own tastes and likes and so on. I guess I'm to blame though. I automatically started removing things from my kids food when they were very little, because I figured they wouldn't like them, so why keep them there and have to listen to them whine about not wanting it? Some of those things, they have started eating on their own. With my boys, I'm trying my best not to remove things like tomatoes and just let them learn to like or dislike them on their own. I never liked tomatoes growing up. The taste just did not please my taste buds at all. However, when I was pregnant with Trenton, I oddly started craving them. Not like you'd eat an apple, but on sandwhiches and things like that. I still don't like them in my salad or on a hamburger....something about they way it makes a hamburger tastes is still not right. But I love them on sub sandwhiches and chicken sandwhiches.

Another thing that's been on my mind lately....I tend to be what some might call a "Peacemaker." Not on purpose usually. Not that it's a terrible thing, but I find that by doing so, alot of times I feel like I'm causing more contention or negative feelings between myself and whomever it is that I'm speaking to at the time, and I so don't mean to do this. It's just part of who I am. For example...(and I especially hate when it happens while I'm talking to Josiah, because, hello?! aren't we supposed to be a team? and always on the same page?) I'll be talking to Josiah about his day, or whatever and he'll be talking about lets just say somebody he works with and how they did something or said something that Josiah just couldn't believe and out of the blue, I'll just start trying to come up with reasons as to why this person maybe did or said it. Or just plain defending them. What the poo?! WHY? Shouldn't I just go along with what he's saying and agree? I mean, I realize I have my own opinions, but sometimes, isn't it just that someone needs to vent and I should just listen and keep my mouth closed? Is it better for me to throw my thoughts into it? And if not? What DO I say? Or do I just listen? Ugh! Anyway, I don't mean to offend anyone when I have a different opinion, I just sometimes don't feel the same way and maybe I'm not the best person to vent to. And I apologize if I've done this to anyone. The worst part is, I am sure I've been on the other side before, talking about so & so...can't we all just get along?!

Ok, I think I'm done "blitching" for now. I apologize to anyone that has fallen asleep during this post.


Jenna Consolo said...

Sarah, you're too cute! I do the same thing with friends and husbands...playing devil's advocate for the other side to bring peace and understanding. Yeah. Husbands don't like it too much. I'm learning!

And very cool about Rylie's writing and Alyssa's art, but don't give us ALL the credit! You're quite creative in your own right! We see your scrapbook works of art and all your crafts! Take some of the credit for your talented kids!

Matchbox Mom said...

Yeah, i'm the same way with my hubby...frustrating!
Cute little Rylie!!! That's awesome! I'm sure you are so proud of them!!! What good kids!

Abby said...

I do that too, Sarah. I try to see the good in everyone and believe they have good intentions..until they *really* mess up and prove the other person right about them. I want so badly to believe that not SO many people in this world suck. I also like to stick up for them sometimes because hey, they're not there to fight back, ya know?

And seriously, woman..you're super way talented too! Your babies see YOU and take off from there, I'm sure. Though..a little VanSciver blood never hurt anyone.. teehee!