Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mr. Trenton Markus!

Today, Trenton turns 4 years old! My baby is not so much a baby anymore! It's kinda sad but at the same time, I don't mind not being depended on SO much for SO many things!

I think Trenton has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to his birthdays. I have always given my kids birthday parties but for some reason, Trenton's birthday being at the end of June, is not a good time for me. (Which seems silly when you consider Camden's is 4 days after Christmas. I think what happens is that I know I won't have money after Christmas to go out and buy Camden any birthday presents, so I buy them while I'm in the midst of buying for Christmas.) Anyway, I was going to make sure the same thing didn't happen this year and yet, now his birthday is here and we're in the middle of trying to move. Our house is a mess with boxes lining the walls. Stuff is randomly placed here there and everywhere as it's been pulled out of cupboards or resting spots, awaiting a box to be put in. I haven't gone out and bought him anything and I feel awful about it. I think in the past it hasn't bothered me quite as much because he wasn't old enough to have a clue. He knows this year though. He's been asking for weeks when his birthday was going to get here.

So, we're gonna do a party for him later this week. After we get moved and settled in the new house. I'm thinking Friday the 4th would be perfect. Josiah has that day off anyway so we can start at like 5ish and have a swimming party then go see fireworks.

Anyway, here are the pictures that I've compiled for his birthday tribute...

June 30, 2004
Trenton was born at like 9:30 pm and sadly, I don't even have any pictures of him from right then. So see?! It's been like this for him since day 1!! *cry* (My mom may have some, I should check with her.) This was the day after though and I don't even have one of me holding him in the hospital. But Josiah is just as good!

These next few, I was only going to put the first one on here, then I noticed how funny they are, to see him sad/crying in the first one (I think we had to wake him up for this..) to what looks like maniacal laughter in the 3rd!

June 29, 2005

I think, if I remember correctly, all he got for this birthday was a green frog chair. Maybe he got a shirt or something too, I dont' recall. But I had Josiah pick up a cake on his way home from work, because I had not planned ahead. So for his 1st birthday, we didn't even throw him a big party. (Can you tell how upset I am at myself?!)

June 29, 2006

This is the only party that has actually been planned for him. We had it at Peter Piper Pizza.

June 29, 2007
And last year I didn't even get a picture of him with a cake. I'm pretty sure I picked one up, but now we'll never even know for sure! I think I went out ON his birthday and picked up the presents for him that he got. We didn't have a party or anything.

And since it's still so early in the day and I'm posting this, I just wanted to get a current picture of him. He likely won't have a cake until Friday. Maybe the fact that I'm so upset at myself, will get the best of me and I'll just go and pick one up later. Who knows! I'm all sorts of crazy!

June 29, 2008

Now, granted, he IS our youngest so once you already have EVERY flippin toy that is put out on the market, it's hard to figure out what to get. So maybe that's been my biggest problem. Plus, it's not like he's had 9 birthdays go by like Rylie has, so of course I can't really compare 4 years worth to 9 years worth. Plus the fact that Rylie's the oldest so it was easier to do parties when their were less parties to have to do. Am I making sense here? More importantly, do I feel better yet? Not really!



scrappiemom said...

Give Trenton a great BIG birthday kiss and hug from Grandma Smith. Also, tell him Happy Birthday for me, please. Don't berate yourself so much. You can only do the best you can under the circumstances. I think you are doing a good job.

Rylie Roo said...

Happy Birthday Trenton! We love you! Love, Rylie

Raelene said...

Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu!
We love we Trenton.
Grandma and Grandpa Holiday

Raelene said...

Oops, there was supposed to be another e in there.
We love ewe Trenton!

YogaNana said...

You know, he's still young enough that you can tell him his birthday is next week and get away with it. :o)

Happy Birthday, little dude -- hope your card arrived in time. Nana's a sloppy mailer.

But you knew that.

Big hugs!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Trenton!! Maybe we can make it to your party if you do it friday afternoon. Assuming we are invited.

Jenna Consolo said...

Happy Birthday, cutie pie! (I was thinking the same thing as my mom...when he asks when his birthday is, since he can't read a calendar, just keep saying "Coming up!")

Hannah said...

Aw Sarah! I'm sure it'll be fine.

I'd be happy to make a big spectacular cake for him if you'd like.

Happy Birthday Trenton!!!