Monday, June 30, 2008

Random pictures...

Here are a few random pictures from the last couple weeks...

Father's Day

Trenton & Josiah snoozin' on the couch

Camden & Josiah putting water in the car



This was taken at the luncheon after my grandmother's funeral. I thought this was funny...the kids kept looking under the curtain on the stage. Maybe there was a monster? (L-R Landon(Leslie's son),Rylie, Camden, Trenton's little head, Layna(Leslie's daughter), Alyssa.)

At the was sooooooooo HOT!

Back to packing!


Abby said...

Know what's cute? The one where Siah and Trenton are sleeping..his hand is in the "I love you" sign. Awww..he loves even as he sleeps. Precious moments.

Josiah said...

Not to be contradictive - I do love her all the time - but my hand is like that because I always dream I'm Spider-Man, and I'm probably trying to shoot a web.

Jenna Consolo said...

Fantastic pictures, Sarah! You guys are one heck of a beautiful family, I swear! Love the candid shots of Siah with the kids, and the one of you is so pretty! Sassy girl!

YogaNana said...

Spider Man, eh?

Really really cute pictures -- even the funeral ones! Must go stash them in iPhoto ... :o)

idahohubers said...

missing you ... I hope you are enjoying the pool already!