Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I removed the very last of our stuff from the other house this morning. Stuff that was in the garage that we were just going to leave but apparently, my subconscious decided otherwise around 4 o'clock this morning. I couldn't go back to sleep and it was eating at me! We had finished what we were going to consider "good" on Sunday afternoon. So yesterday, I took a nice, much needed break! Well, around 7 this morning, I headed over to clean out the garage. It was mostly some empty boxes and a little bit of garbage and took only about an hour. Which included me putting the closet doors back in their proper locations. (We had taken them down in the boys room and in the den when we moved in, to avoid any unnecessary damage caused by our sometimes rowdy children.)

We had signed the lease for the new house on the 1st. We didn't have to be out of the other house until the 17th so we opted out of renting a truck and literally took the last 2 weeks moving. My brothers and dad came over the evening of the 1st and helped to load up what we needed in order to sleep/live at the new house. We used each of my 2 older brothers' trucks, 1 trailer, and the back of our Suburban. I made atleast 1 trip almost every day after that, loading up just the back of our suburban. It was loads of fun! Each day I went with the intention of getting atleast 1 room clean, and I think I did a pretty good job. We'll see how much of our deposit we actually get back though.

So far we are all very happy with the new house. It's smaller but that hasn't seemed to bother us at all. The bedrooms are a little bit bigger and the kitchen is even a little bigger. The difference is this house only has a great room instead of the additional living room and formal dining. We have warmed up to it all very nicely though.

Here are a few pictures....

You can also see our new couches. We needed them badly. Now we just need an end table to fill the space in the corner between the 2.

I finally completed my FREEDOM yesterday! A little over a week late for the 4th, but don't we celebrate our freedom year round? It's ready for next year and that's all that matters!

I picked up FALL yesterday and will hopefully be able to get around to those before August is here. It's coming much faster than I want it to though! I still need to finish buying some school clothes. It's hard to believe I'll have 3 going this year! What's happening to all my babies?!

Tonight I get to go to a cub scout activity. I need to be more excited about my calling! Leslie has moved out of the ward, so I don't have her to work with on it anymore. I'm not sure it's going to be as fun for the boys now. I lack so much motivation. I think if I had a son in cub scouts who was working on the achievements, I might be a little more interested. I certainly am not hoping to be in this calling for the next 3 years though, so that I will be in when Camden turns 8. With my luck, I'll get released just before his 8th birthday.

Alrighty, I'm sure there are other things waiting for me to give attention to...until next time.......


Hannah said...

Oooh!! I love the new couches!!! Very nice!

Raelene said...

Sarah, the house looks great, btw, you need to come up, we have lots of room for a tent, and the amenities to freshen up.

YogaNana said...

Bee-oo-tiful! May you be even happier than ever in this new house!

And yeah, your new couches rock. :o)

You ever write a word and suddenly it looks *wrong*? *Couches* looks wrong. But it isn't, because Hannah spelled it that way, too. Oh, well.

Like the b&w's of the kids down the side here, too.

Laurie M. said...

I love the new couches! Your new house looks great. The Freedom sign is so cute! I really need to try that.

Jenna Consolo said...

You're amazing! All moved in and settled, even with pictures hanging on the walls already? Holy cow! And time to craft too? Wow. The house looks great! Love the couches. Here's praying you get your whole deposit!