Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sarah Needs...

Ok, so I'm copying this from my sil Leslie, who copied from my cousin Rachel, who copied get the idea.

Go to google and type in your name with the word "needs" after it and see what it brings up. (i.e. search for "Sarah needs") Apparently this meme has been going around and my search actually brought up someone else's blog (who's name happens to be Sarah) that had done this. I don't know that I'll list as many as she did, and I'm not going to copy off hers either!

Here's what I got...

Sarah needs...a cold shower...

Sarah get her life back...
(Is that really possible with 4 kids?)

Sarah needs...your manly vote...
(I wonder what they're voting on...)

Sarah make a cake and some cookies.
(So true! Cookies atleast...not necessarily a cake.)

Sarah needs...more Love Lyrics

Sarah needs...YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!

Sarah needs...your friendship and support

Sarah needs...a Wii

Sarah lean on her man.

Sarah needs...watering.
(I'm wilting...)

Sarah say she’s sorry.
(I am, too!)

Sarah needs...batteries.
(Christmas is a week away...batteries are ALWAYS needed!)

Sarah needs...sponsors to compete in Deaf Olympics.

Sarah Get Over Herself.

There are plenty more, but I think that gives you all a heads up of what I need! Let me know if you decide to play along so I can come read what you need!


Rach =o) said...

Seems so silly but Its fun isn't it. lol I love it, yours are funny

lundgrenville said...

Hey you-

I loved that...Hilarious and
I want to get Kaylia in piano lessons. How much does Kristen charge?
Talk soon