Sunday, December 21, 2008

A First...

Over the last several weeks we've made a serious effort in getting to church on time. (Sacrament meeting starts at 10:00am.) In my opinion, we've done really well.

Last Sunday was a minor exception because Josiah and I had been out til almost 1am the night before at his work's holiday party and then by the time we got the kids picked up and home and into bed ourselves, it was nearly 2. We had discussed just getting a sub for our primary class as we drove home, and not going to church at all.

Well, for whatever reason, I was up at 8:30 getting ready to go. I wasn't going to push for anyone else to because by this point, I'd be lucky to make it in time for sharing time.

I started going to choir practice back in November and we've been working on the songs for our Christmas program which was today. This has been playing a big part in why we've been getting to church on time; our ward's choir sings a song almost every Sunday. I'm sure I'm not making a very big difference, if any, but I was feeling slightly guilted into going by our choir director, who happens to be my brother's mother-in-law. I do enjoy singing though, so I hold no hard feelings. Plus, if that is what's going to get us there on time, so be it.

So I was looking forward to being a part of our Christmas program. I did several things last night that would help speed us along this morning. I was up at 6:30 to get myself started. (I'm quite the project and need every spare minute I can get.) Showered, make-up on, hair dryed then straightened. Then I had to take care of the girls' hair before I could get myself dressed. Thankfully I have Josiah to do the ironing (which he does without complaint...have I ever mentioned that I have the best husband ever?!) and to get the boys dressed.

It was Josiah's day to do the lesson which he had prepared the night before and just needed to gather up a few things this morning to take. Alyssa had a talk in sharing time which I put together yesterday so it would be all ready to go. We were making near perfect time.

About 10-15 minutes before we would be walking out the door, Trenton comes in talking about his tummy hurting. Josiah and I both thought maybe he just needed to go to the bathroom, so I took him in there. He had nothing. I felt his forehead and it felt fine so I just sorta brushed it off.

In the past, if any of the kids had come to us complaining about feeling sick, we didn't even think twice about keeping them home. It was often the excuse we were looking for. Well, today was different. It was the Sunday before Christmas. I had little gifts for each of the children in our class, I wanted to sing with the choir, Alyssa had a talk. I mostly just wanted to be at church together as a family though, so I ignored any thoughts of "maybe Josiah should stay home with him and I'll just improvise with the lesson" and off we went.

As we walked in, the opening prayer was being said so we waited quietly outside for it to be over and then we found our seats. I sat their with my choir binder, patiently waiting for the Sacrament to be passed so I could take my place on the stand. I had sat on the end so I could easily make my way up. Trenton had taken the seat all the way down on the opposite side of the family.

The Sacrament is being passed and I'd forgotten all about Trenton not feeling well beforehand. Until suddenly I look down to see what some commotion is and I see Trenton with his hand over his mouth and Rylie giving me this look of "Why in the heck is he sitting next to ME?!" I quickly stand up and move down to grab his arm to pull him out of there. I tried to be as quiet as possible to respect the reverence that others were putting forth. Well, so much for my efforts. I can only walk so quietly over the hardwood floors in my heels while I'm trying to get my 4 year old son who is spewing at the mouth to the nearest exit as quickly as possible. Fortunately we were sitting back in the cultural hall area, so I didn't have to get passed too many people, but the nearest door was all the way on the other side of the gym. I saw a garbage can a little ways away, so I quickly took him back there and stood there in horror with him, wondering how much of a racket I had actually caused.

I now had Trenton's breakfast all over my arm, hands, dress, and a foot. Poor Trenton had it all down his front. Josiah got a bit splashed on his suit. So now, I was going to miss being a part of our Christmas program, but atleast we made it to church on time.

We left the 3 older kids there while we ran home. I cleaned myself up, which I felt like required several good scrubbings before the smell came off, changed my outfit, cleaned up my shoes and headed back out the door. Josiah stayed home with Trenton.

Instead of making any further scenes by going to the stand late once I returned, I just sat with my kids and listened to the remainder of the program. I will be up there next year though.

So with any luck at all, Trenton just wasn't feeling well and won't pass anything along. Do we generally have that sort of luck though? Yeah right! I imagine atleast one of us will be sick on Christmas Day.


Hannah said...

Oh no Sarah! How horrible! I'm sorry you didn't get to sing. Maybe you should assemble your family and belt out your songs just for them.

I hope Trenton feels better. There is really something yucky going around.

The Thomas Crew said...

Oh man Sarah that is hilarious...i mean terrible!! lol. I thought Hudson almost throwing up on the buffet at the Chinese restaurant was bad but at least Jase dragged him fast enough to the bathroom but not to the toilet! Trying to explain to someone who doesnt speak english that you need a mop is interesting!!!
Anyway, I hope Trenton is feeling better and that no one else comes down with it. But if your family is anything like ours, it will get passed around...twice!
I'll keep my fingers crossed that your holidays are sick-free!!

Raelene said...

Oh, dear, the joys of motherhood. Hopefully, it is only the excitement of the upcoming Holiday. Hope no one else starts to feel sick.

music lady said...

We missed you Sunday in the choir, but under the circumstances I totally understand! I saw you walk into church and then you weren't up there, now I know why. Yuckie!Someone said they like standing next to you in the choir because you are true to the pitch. Keep it up. That is good! See you in a few weeks at choir practice. We aren't ever Merry Christmas!