Friday, February 20, 2009


Should I state the obvious?

Now I have to go back.....

Valentine's this year was a day early for us, but really nice! Josiah surprised me. A few days before, he was telling me he was going to need me to come with him to pick out some earrings because he didn't know exactly what I'd like. That was fine with me. Well Friday I called him on his lunch break assuming he was at lunch but he told me he wasn't exactly "at lunch". Well, I guessed that he was at See's picking up the traditional heart shaped box of chocolates which he knows very well that I love. Not just for the chocolates of course, but for my growing collection of heart shaped boxes. Anyway, a couple hours later (about 2 hours before he should have been getting off work) he came strolling through the door with this big box in his hand. He was going to hide it and give it to me the next day, but I ruined his plan when I heard the car alarm going off as he locked the car. I wasn't expecting him home early, so of course I had to get up and see for sure if it was him. Anyway, he gave it to me then and then he had another surprise for me. That morning he had snuck my engagement ring out of the house without me knowing, so he could take it into Helzburg and have it fixed. The diamond popped out a couple weeks ago while I was changing laundry around. My finger smacked the post in the middle of the washer and knocked it right out. I was just lucky to have found it. The ring was actually going to take a week to have it fixed, but while he was at Helzburg, he went ahead and picked out a pair of earrings all on his own. They are beautiful. More oval shaped than round and they are white gold. It was probably better that he went ahead and got them without me there because knowing me, I would have suggested we put it off a little longer, after seeing the price tag.

That night we went out to Chili's for dinner. We got there before 6, so we didn't have to sit and wait, which is nice, but now Josiah refers to us as "old". I'd rather give my body a chance to digest the food a little, before I go jumping into bed for the night. If that makes me old, so be it!

I made some chocolated dipped pretzels for Josiah for Valentines. They were super yummy!

I also made up a couple little bags of them for our neighbors...

Yesterday Trenton and I went to the zoo with his preschool class.

(Thanks for the picture Deb! I borrowed it from your blog. Mine like this didn't turn out very good.) This picture includes a couple extra siblings and one random little girl who decided she wanted to be in the picture also.

This jaguar was pretty cool to see...

He's new there and was so close up so we got to see him really well. He wasn't very entertaining though...just gnawed on some raw frozen meat the entire time!

Trenton wasn't as excited about these big lizards, as he was with the little tiny gecko looking lizards that were running around on a log 5 feet away from this guy. You'd think he'd never seen a gecko before. (Funny...just now as I was searching for the picture of this iguana, he came in and saw it and asked if I'd gotten a piture of the "baby lizard"...!)

I love this picture of Trenton watching the Stingrays...

They were pretty neat to see and Trenton even got to pet them...

Next we were off to the carousel...
(Thanks for this picture also, Deb. Several of my pictures came out not in focus!)

We finished off the day with a ride on the train...

By this point, this was the best smile Trenton was able to give me, I guess.

And to prove that I was there...
I just bought these sunglasses the night before and now looking at them in this picture...they look like big bug eyes.


Last night I went down to the high school and ran the bleachers. I started off with running 3 laps around the track, then I did 3 times up/down, 2 more times around the track, 3 more times up/down the bleachers, then to finish off I ran 1 more lap and walked for 1/2 a lap. I think I'll go back tonight. Ideally, it would make the most sense to go Tuesday and Thursday mornings, since I'm not running those days, but I'd rather sleep in a little on those days and go down to run the bleachers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. I've kinda hit a plateau and I feel like I need to kick up my workout a notch. I seem to enjoy eating. Food is overrated!! Or would that be underrated??

I don't think much else exciting has happened. I'll try to update a little more regularly, but no guarantees.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jenna Consolo said...

There you are! I've missed you!

You two are so cute on Valentine's! What romantics! It's adorable. I'm glad he surprised you in such thoughtful ways.

I need to kick up my workouts too. I've had so much stress with school finals, the court THING, and then I got sick, which I'm fighting. I can't wait to get out there and get moving for real. No more of this sissy stuff!

Keep blogging!

Hannah said...

Yay! Sarah's back!

So... you only blog twice a month now? Just kidding. Who am I to talk right?

Those pretzels look so cute and very yummy. I'm such a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels.

Rach =o) said...

first off, your hubby is a sweetheart and it sounds like your heart day was awesome! Second, I want to see a picture of these earrings. Third, those pretzels look heavenly and i'd love to know how to make them, and finally, your sunglasses look really nice, I actually looked at the picture and thought, I like her glasses, why cant I find some nice ones like that, then ready your quip and ya, they're cute!