Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back... popular demand! (Not really, but it sounded like a good beginning to a more than 2 week long hiatus!)

I kinda got into a blogging slump I guess. And to be completely honest, it was just brought to my realization how poor my math skills are. For some reason I kept thinking it had only been about a week since I last blogged, (I even had to go back to the top and correct it to say "2 week long hiatus" because I had only put "a week long") even though I could clearly see anytime I'd open my browser (my blog page is set as my homepage) that the last time I'd posted was January 20th, and yet I knew that it was already a few days into February. That actually might make one think that I've been having loads of fun...since the time seems to be slipping by without me really paying attention to it's speed, which in turn would seem like I should have plenty to blog about. But unfortunately that's not the case. Not to say that I've been miserable the last couple weeks, but I just sometimes feel like I say the same thing in each post, while others continually post these long, deep, thought filled posts and I just want to hide in their shadow. Y'know?

Really though, life is just happening around here. Josiah and I are in love. We're happy. Of course, that doesn't mean that everything is going perfect or the way we'd choose for it to, but that isn't the way it's supposed to be, right?

Last Saturday we had a little block party with several of our neighbors. The purpose of it was to start a block watch because there had been a prowler around a few weeks ago and we figured it would be a good idea to get to know everyone and pass around a list of names, addresses, & phone numbers. My neighbor across the street had called the city or police station (not sure which) to find out if it would be possible to actually block the street off so that we didn't have to worry about kids being in the street, etc. Our street happens to be an inlet to the neighborhood from the main road. Because of the fact that there would be a couple ways to get around without having to go through, it was approved. The only thing that we needed to be concerned about was anyone who lived within the barricaded area that may have been inconvenienced by this and then they could call and complain and it would be revoked. Everyone living within the area that was barricaded was invited though and other than one lady who needed to leave to go to a wedding, there wasn't going to be a problem. Well, apparently some people are easily angered. Someone did call and complain and a cop came out, but once he got there and saw what was going on and that we had city barricades, he told us to "carryon". A little while later however, some guy came plowing through one of the barricades and almost hit a couple kids, some of which were my own. Completely unbelieveable what a jerk he was. He was coming from a ways down the street and once we heard the noise of him hitting the barricade, we quickly started yelling for the kids to get out of the street as we all headed over into the street to try and wave the guy down so he'd stop. Well, he barely stopped long enough for the couple of people who were in front of his truck to get out of the way and he sped off, catching my neighbors flipflop in his tire and ripping it off her foot. Fortunately we (Josiah actually...he's a hero!) got the license plate #. One of the guys called the police and reported the incident. The same cop who had come out previously, came back and we all filed a "victim of endangerment" report. Just a few moments before this all took place, my kids had all been down the street right infront of those barricades and I felt a little uneasy with them being out of my sight like that. Even though I knew the street was blocked off and most of the neighbors were at the party, it just didn't feel safe. As they came back down the street, I headed out to explain to them that I'd rather they stay down a little closer to where all the adults were gathered. It must have been a prompting because it was literally no more than 5 minutes later that the guy came plowing through and had my kids been as close as they were before, they could have been hit either by the barricade or the truck itself. The kids were close enough to see the barricade fly up into the air and come crashing down in a yard. Those things aren't light. Anyway, besides all that, I enjoyed getting to know my neighbors.

I sit outside and visit almost daily with my neighbor from across the street, while my kids and her daughter ride their bikes and scooters around the driveway. She is actually trying to give me the credit as to why she started coming outside and letting her daughter come out to play. I'll admit though, before I met her, we didn't go outside very often. It's always so easy to just drive in, open your garage, go inside the house and shut the garage door and never have to talk to anyone. We seem to have some really good/nice neighbors right now.


In other news....

Trenton has a field trip today to the library. This was actually my month to set up the field trip. My first month was back in September and I failed miserably. I ended up just suggesting we take the kids to the park. They all loved it though, and I guess that's the most important thing. I've been thinking about the library though ever since then. I looked up the info a couple weeks ago and found that they have story time on Thursdays, which includes songs and finger puppet plays as well. It's only about half hour long so I think it will be perfect.

Josiah ended up having to work this past Sunday because of the Super Bowl but because of that, he gets tomorrow off. YAY!! I've been loving having him home so early these days with his new schedule change. Also, because of the fact that I'm walking the kids to school every morning, I think that has aided in my continuing weightloss. I'm now down 20 lbs as of night before last. I've definitely been eating more these days (not as much as I was prior to when I started) than I was in the beginning of my weightloss, but I think it's all balancing out. I'm so grateful that I've been able to stick with my running for as long as I have. It definitely helps having someone else depending on me to show up to go running. We actually talked about this the other day and she was saying the same thing. That basically the only reason she has stuck with it is because we have a schedule.

Ok, so I had more to say than I thought. If anyone is still reading, I feel loved!


Abby said...

You're very loved. But this aunt wants to come to your house with a big stick and get that guy who dare threatens the lives of not only my family but their sweet neighbors as well. Grr!! That crap makes me so angry!

I'm so proud of you for still going strong in the weight loss department! Go Sarah!!

I'm wondering if anyone's going to write about the Ethan and family visit. Did anyone take pictures? Come on! I hate that I haven't seen any of them in 10 years!

scrappiemom said...

There's no doubt about it. You are loved! I'm looking forward to our "GNO" tomorrow night.

Skousen Family! said...

ok that is freaking about that guy in the neighbor hood.... We have been having MAJOR problems on our street be GLAD you are not on this crazy street anymore!!!!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Scary. We should be safe outside in our neighborhoods, you know?

I can't believe you've lost 20 pounds! That is so incredible! You are inspiring to me!

And I'm so glad you love my brother.

YogaNana said...

Aw, you're *all* loved! And I'm proud of you for your running and your weight loss.

And I'm ready to go after the jerk who ran the barricade, just say the word.

lundgrenville said...

Ugh-We need to get rid of the chaos in the neigborhood...You'll find some on every street, no matter where you go.
As for the 20lbs...thats AWESOME!! We should start a biggest fat loser club...what do you think?? We should go running...walking....whatever our heart desires.
And yes, you are very much loved by MANY!! :)

lundgrenville said...

Ps. Im not so good at math either~!

idahohubers said...

Could have sworn I left a comment on this post, but NO I didn't! My mom got me into google reader and so I read but forget to link back and comment. I'm glad your kiddos are safe and sound and that you are having some neighborhood FUN! It makes a huge difference to know and talk to your neighbors - especially if they are nice and not weird. We've had all kinds. I still don't know most of my neighbors and we've lived in this house 4 years. I guess I've found my favorites and haven't ventured farther down the street to meet new ones.