Sunday, May 17, 2009

A somber day...

Today, in less than 2 hours time, I was informed of the deaths of 2 different people that I know.

One was the husband of one of the mom's in Trenton's preschool. I didn't know him but it still hits kinda close to home because I know his wife and I taught his daughter the weeks that preschool was at my house. He was at Jeepers this past Monday with his wife and girls while we were all there for a last get-together for preschool. I haven't heard too much about it yet but he was young and it sounds like the cause right now is unknown.

The other was a friend from church who, even though we weren't super close, I admired and looked up to her. We did chat occassionally though. We worked together in Cub Scouts for a little while. She was the committee chair so it wasn't directly working together, but I called/emailed her for different things because as a den leader, I had to report to her. We also sang together in the ward choir. One of her daughter's is Rylie's age and she often picked Rylie up for activity days. She was recently diagnosed w/Leukemia. I hadn't heard about it until Friday when an email went around to people in the ward suggesting there be a fast for her because her body wasn't responding well to the Chemo-therapy. I was kinda shocked when I got the email and of course even more so to find that she had passed away.

I can not even imagine what these two families are going through. It really makes you stop and wonder if you are doing everything that our Heavenly Father would want you to be doing. I know that I fall short in soo many areas right now. I strive daily to be a better person than the day before. There are definite trials for me though.

Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with these families tonight. May they find comfort in knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan and that families will be together forever.

(I have plenty of stuff that I need to blog about but didn't feel it appropriate to do so in this post and quite frankly am not feeling up to it tonight...maybe tomorrow.)


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Jenna Consolo said...

Wow, Sarah. It IS shocking when young people especially just pass away so suddenly. I am so, so sorry. Those families must be going through the worst nightmare right now. And you're right that it is a good reminder for us to evaluate our own lives, as we never know how long we get to live them here on earth. Hope you can find some sunshine too.

Leslie said...

My mom was keeping me up to speeed on the one. I was shocked when I heard she passed. The last time I saw her she was walking through the neigborhood. It kind of just blows my mind.

The Thomas Crew said...

Sarah i completely feel the way you do. It makes you take a second look at your life and scrutinize what you are and arent doing for yourself, your kids, husband and the rest of your family. Life is too short to live for the maybe tomorrows.
See you Sunday.