Sunday, May 24, 2009

5-8-09 - 5-10-09

I'm behind. Rather than try and cram everything into one long post, I'll break them down and date each one accordingly.

A couple weeks ago Josiah's mom and sister, Abby, came into town. We were so excited to see them! It was so nice having them here w/us for a night and wish it could have lasted longer. But alas, we'll patiently wait for the next gathering. We sat around eating grilled chicken fettucine and garlic bread and laughed til we cried over stories from the past. I love hearing the stories that Josiah's family have to tell.

We spent that Saturday morning at the Phoenix Zoo and then enjoyed some delicious pizza at Streets of New York for lunch.

That Sunday was Mother's Day. We haven't seen Josiah's mom on Mother's Day in about 10 years so it was well deserved. We spent a couple hours at his grandmother's house just sitting around, visiting. I realize some people have little to no patience for that sort of thing, but honestly, I could sit around forever just visiting and enjoying the company of others. Even if mostly what I'm doing is listening to others visit. It's all good to me! I love my husbands family and sincerely wish we could see them all more often!

Here are plenty of pictures to enjoy...

(Josiah's mom and sister Hannah)

One of the monkeys

Rylie, Alyssa, Trenton, Camden mostly hidden, Ash, & Bella

Alyssa, Rylie, Abby, Amanda, & Mikayla

Cooling off

These orangutans were very entertaining to watch. This one used a branch of a palm tree to shade him from the hot sun.
This was a mama and her baby. The mama is hiding under the sheet and the baby was very typical of a toddler trying to get his mother's attention by climbing all over her...

At Streets of New York

At Josiah's grandmother's house on Mother's Day...

Anyway, I think that about sums it all up. I've got plenty more to catch up on but will save it for tomorrow perhaps. The next one will be the girls' piano recital! They did awesome! Until then...


Jenna Consolo said...

Oh my gosh, I'm covered in tears! I miss everybody so much! I LOVE the picture of my mom in the purple shirt! I miss my family, and so wish I could have been there with you all. I'm glad you all had the chance to get together. It looks like a great time.

Abby said...

It really was a good time. I miss you guys and wish we could see one another more often!

idahohubers said...

Fun times, fun times! I love that the zoo has a splash pad in the kid area. I noticed it when we were there in January. You and I didn't have such wonders as kids... come on our family didn't even have AC in the car until I was out of high school! Are these things as bad as "walking up hill both ways to school"? You should load up your kids and come to Idaho for my garage sale :) It isn't that bad of a drive really!

YogaNana said...

I was missing you guys before you were even halfway out the door!

Maybe if you go to Idaho for the garage sale you could make a left at San Francisco. Ot a right, if it's on the way back. :o)