Friday, July 17, 2009

Little bits of random

A couple weeks ago I was sitting at my desk when Trenton came in and said "mom". I turned around and this is what I saw...

You gotta admit, at first glance that's kinda creepy looking! Of course each of the kids needed to have a turn as well as a picture taken...

We moved into this house last July and the kids swam well into September...maybe even October. They started swimming again this year in late March, early April. Daily. Several times a day even, on some days. (Especially this summer.) In all that time I hadn't had to deal w/any green hair until the Saturday of Alyssa's Baptism. Later that day Rylie went to a friend's birthday/pool party. She had been swimming before she left so her hair was wet. I helped her to get it brushed before going and there was nothing wrong w/it. That evening after she showered I helped her again brush her hair while it was wet only this time....It was GREEN! Like gross, seaweed looking, green. EWWW! I suggested she get back in the shower and try washing it several more times, but still green. It was already well into the evening so there wasn't really anywhere I could take her (salon-wise) to get help and we had 8am church the next day. I couldn't have my daughter going to church w/green hair. I don't care that I've seen other girls at church w/green hair, they weren't my daughter. I quickly started browsing google. There were suggestions of special shampoo for that sort of thing but I didn't want to run out and try to find it, not to mention how much money I probably woulda had to fork over for it. There was another suggestion for vineger and one for lemon juice. I tried the vineger but still nothing. Finally I came across the suggestion to use ketchup. Sure enough, got it out. I got some before and after pics. Take a look..

Anyway, we are barely surviving the summer. It's been soooo hot the last couple weeks. The last couple days the sky has been teasing us w/clouds and lightning, but so far nothing exciting. Fortunately, as I mentioned previously, the kids have been able to go swimming several times a day.

I'm mostly done w/all the school shopping. Each of the kids could still use a couple more pairs of shorts but decent shorts have been hard to find this year. I refuse to buy the super short shorts for my girls and I don't like the elastic waistbands in shorts other than sports type shorts for the boys, or the girls, for that matter! Shoes are taken care of as well as backpacks and lunch boxes. I've picked up a few school supplies but will have to wait til 'meet the teacher night' to decide what specifics we need. It all starts in 3 weeks! YAY!

Starting Aug 3rd I'll be watching my neighbors 2 little girls. The oldest starts Kindergarten this year though and the youngest they are actually putting into an all day preschool/daycare sort of thing, so technically I'll only have the older one for an hour before and after school and then the weeks that there's no school, I'll have both of them. It'll be nice to bring in a small amount of money. I wish it were more, but hey, I'm sure I could go out and find a job if it really starts to bother me, right?

I hope everyone is having a super great Friday! I gotta go bake some cookies w/Rylie now! YAY! For awesome momness! HA!


Jenna Consolo said...

Wow, ketchup, huh? Very cool. I love discoveries like that.

I can't believe school starts in 3 weeks for you guys! We don't go back till Sept. 9! I know you get out earlier, but still it makes me panic to think of starting in 3 weeks, because when they start, I START, and I'm not ready!

Love when you post--don't be a stranger!

YogaNana said...

Yay for awesome mommies, indeed!

Ketchup, eh? Why in the world does that work, I wonder? Kind of like bathing the dog in tomato sauce when he's encountered a skunk!

For a Halloween party I once streaked my hair green with that stuff the kids use that's supposed to wash right out. Of course, I have no *real* color in my hair now, and it was thrilled to have the green. Wouldn't wash out. Oops. So I went back to work the next Monday, back to the strict dress code and so forth, and explained to my supervisor. She threw her arms open and said, "We embrace diversity!" She was such a cool supervisor! Of course, eventually they fired her.

Super Mom said...

I may have to use your Ketchup discovery for Caroline - it's starting to get a little bit green. But we're not quite there yet.
So, I'm making an effort to visit my friends blogs - this is me being ambitious!!

Sundee said...

Camden's face is the best. I laughed out loud. By the way, it's the acidity of the tomatoes that does the trick for green hair. I grew up with green hair, and we usually used lemon juice, but we had to use a lot of it... and let it sit forever. I had a cousin once tell me that she didn't believe that chlorine really turned hair green 'til she saw my hair. My dad called it "glow-in-the-dark." I'm glad that Rylie's hair turned out so well!

Hannah said...

ohmygosh ohmygosh! Sarah! I have the creepiest picture EVER of Mike with two of those googly eyes in. He looks like a cartoon character. I'm gonna have to find it and put it on my blog for you to see because it is seriously CREEPY!!

I'm so glad the green came out of her hair. Back in the day, I would bleach my hair blond. Well I got sick of that and decided to dye it back to brown. I guess I used the wrong color because my hair was totally green. I was 16 at the time, and to a 16 year old, that's the end of the world! Haha! Oh man. good stuff. I like laughing at myself from back then. I was a weirdo!