Thursday, July 9, 2009


I don't know if anyone is even bothering to check my blog anymore. I can't say I'd blame anyone for not. I've been fairly MIA the last several weeks.

June was a busy month for us. It started out w/Alyssa's birthday on the 2nd, followed by Josiah's on the 4th, Alyssa's baptism on the 13th, Father's Day on the
21st, and Trenton's birthday on the 29th. Not to mention, everything else that fell in between.

For Alyssa's birthday this year, we didn't do a regular birthday party. She decided that what she wanted was to get her ears (re)pierced, so that's what we did.

She blew out a candle in a birthday brownie on the day of her birthday.

We baked Josiah some cookies for his birthday present...
(he also got some software for his computer that he'd been wanting..but that was 1/2 birthday, 1/2 Father's day present)

...and a homemade angel food cake w/homemade cream cheese frosting...
(not the most attractive looking cake, but it sure was tasty!)

Alyssa was baptized on the 13th by Josiah.

There were 13 kids being baptized from our stake that same day and 5 of them were from our ward. (Three of them were triplets!)

We had everyone over afterwards to sing Happy Birthday and to eat cup cakes & ice cream. (although now that I think about it, I forgot to take out the ice cream!)

We had my parents over for dinner on Father's Day. I fixed some super yummy Chicken Parmigiana, per Josiah's request. Sadly he spent the day not feeling his best and ended up missing church that morning. (I think he was just trying to get out of saying the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting...which he was successful at until the following weekend when they called him again.)

For Trenton's birthday, we did an Optimus Prime themed party w/a few of his boy cousins.

(My pathetic attempt at decorating a birthday cake last minute)

He couldn't stop talking about his birthday for the full month leading up to it. Each day he would come to me and inform me of what day it was and he was constantly standing in front of the calendar counting the days down. I was grateful once it was finally passed.

Anyway, that is the important stuff that has happened around here in the last month. I have some other fun pics that I'll try and get posted hopefully sooner than later.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


scrappiemom said...

I still look at your blog. Just cuz I don't write in mine any more is no reason for you not to. I've been thinking about writing in mine again. Isn't it the thought that counts?

scrappiemom said...

Sorry, Sarah, that was me. I guess I hit the enter 2 times so I had to delete one of them.

Abby said...

And I see Grandpa Holiday made it down for the baptism festivities as well! That's awesome.

Whoah..tons of birthdays! I would be so caked out!


Connie said...

You look so good in that pic! I'm trying to get some baby weight off, but I'm so unmotivated! July is our busy month, with 4 or 5 birthdays. Should be fun!! :) & Congratulations on your daughter being baptized, so awesome! :)

Jenna Consolo said...

I check your blog several times each day and I've been wondering where you've been! Now I see! Looks fun and exhausting! Especially in the heat of summer. But congratulations on all the growing up of kids and baptisms and birthdays and everything. It all just keeps happening, doesn't it? Alyssa looks beautiful in white!

YogaNana said...

I still check! Glad to see what's been up and all the yummy cakes and celebrations!

Isn't cream-cheese icing on angel food just the best?

Leslie said...

Google Reader lets me know when you update!! Now I know why Jacob wants a Transformes themed party...maybe i will make him change his mind since we are already sort of copying Trentons party.

We had to say prayers a couple of sundays ago too!! SO much fun!!

Katy said...

You're not alone. Sometimes I wish I could take a moment to myself without having to rush from place to place or event to event. But then I think that life would be pretty empty without all the events to count down (or up) to. Keep your chin still have a few fans out here.