Thursday, September 17, 2009

I should probably clarify...

I think when I posted yesterday, I was mostly just frustrated at myself because of this lame desire to eat even when I know I'm not hungry, and I didn't clarify some things.

I drink about four 20 oz bottles of water a day. I keep raw almonds and/or walnuts (which I love both) on hand for snacking. The only "junk foods" that I keep around on a regular basis are chips and fruit snacks which are for the kids' lunches and for the most part, I don't go to those when I'm in a munchy mood.

In the last week, what I found that I really wanted was ice cream one day and didn't have any on hand, and then over the weekend I had a serious "need" for chocolate which I, again, didn't have any on hand. I purposely try and avoid buying those types of things at the store, because then they stare me in the face and beckon me to partake. (I should probably add that I did eventually make my way to DQ last week for a Blizzard and on Sunday evening, I made some no bake chocolate oatmeal help w/my chocolate craving. Just so you know I'm not trying to claim to be strong when I have these urges.)

I make homemade smoothies several times a week to have for breakfast or more often for dinner. Yesterday for breakfast my smoothie contained 4 frozen strawberries, 1/2 a frozen banana, a handful of frozen grapes, 1/2 an apple & 1 C of skim milk. (Occasionally I'll use 1 c of OJ instead of milk.) So it was a fairly healthy smoothie. That was around 7 am. By 10:30, I was wanting something more and I try to not eat lunch til noon. Maybe because I'd gone running at 5:45 yesterday morning and then had to walk to and from the school (10 minutes in each direction) not to mention the walking around the classroom that I did before returning home, my body was just ready for something else? I also think maybe the fact that I'm due for my period within the next few days? Does that play a factor here?

I think my biggest problem is that I sit around at home most of the day, all alone and usually not doing anything very productive. When I'm busy, my mind is on other things and I don't have that same desire to eat. I need to figure out some things that I can do that will keep my mind occupied. Ugh! I'm a lost cause!


Abby said...

I'm with you on the cravings, Sarah..totally am. But I'm also due to start my period within the next couple of days, too. Yesterday? I HAD to have a burger. A good burger. So we went to Ruby Tuesdays because Orion knows how I get this time of month about needing red meat. And we brought home one of their big slices of chocolate cake to share because I wanted chocolate, too. I opted for one of the Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cones (dude, if you haven't tried them..oh my GOSH, you have to! They totally satisfy the ice cream craving without a ton of calories..and they're soooo yummy! I'm a sucker for their caramel cones because like Drumsticks they have the chocolate chunk at the bottom of the!!!) instead last night to fill my chocolate crave and to not add more calories because golly knows that Triple Prime Cheddar Burger was NOT a healthy option for me (but ohhhh so good). There's absolutely nothing wrong with listening to your body and giving into your cravings..but be careful about it is all.

How about adding 2 tablespoons of unsalted nuts to your smoothie breakfasts? Not putting them IN the smoothies..but munching on them along with it. That's actually what I had for breakfast this morning (1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1/2 cup milk, 3/4 cup plain lowfat yogurt and 1 tablespoon honey). You're taking a multi-vitamin too, right? And try doing a calcium break throughout the for a snack have a cup of milk or some Triscuits with cheese. And if all else fails? Absolutely go to the store and get your snack fix..but only buy one of them. Like if you're craving a cookie? Go to the bakery section and buy a single cookie that way you don't have all of the other cookies teasing you at home. If you want a candybar? Go buy one.

This is my worst time of the month for staying on track..and I know I'm not the only one. No one's picking on you and saying you have no self control.. we're just adding what helps us get through the hungry times.


Leslie said...

Maybe you should start taking some college classes? You can take online classes so you don't have to have a car to go anywhere. Maybe that would keep you mind busy?

Sarah said...

Abby- I totally appreciate the ideas/suggestions. Honestly, I wasn't feeling picked on, it was more that as I was reading the comments from yesterday's post I was saying to myself "well I do that" with the nuts and the water, so I just wanted to add a little more info to help get a better idea out there. So no need to worry about that.

Leslie- I have actually thought about that. Especially after last month's visiting teaching message. Now I just need to look into it.

CassiB said...

Maybe add some soy or whey protein powder to your smoothie? i don't know sounds like you are doing way better than me keeping the no good snacks out of reach. i buy them "for the kids lunches" and end up craving them during the day. i was at this natural health thing at a friends house about a year ago and found out there is a reason we crave chocolate when that time of the month comes. the problem is reg chocolate doesn't give us what our body is asking for. it needs to be a good quality dark chocolate w/o the fillers and sugar in regular choc bars. otherwise we just want more.
good luck with that, you look awesome in your pics BTW. there is a reason there are not many pics of me posted anywhere, lol!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Sounds like your cravings are definitely hormonal as far as the chocolate and ice cream thing goes. Just give in to that. It's only once a month.

But a smoothie until noon is not enough. Not enough calories. Even if you weren't a runner, it wouldn't be enough, so it makes sense that you're feeling hungry. You should have a mid-morning snack, and a later afternoon snack. If you choose wisely, which it sounds like you do, that will help keep hunger at bay and give you the energy you need.

Sounds like you're eating very healthily! xo!

Sundee said...

You need something to keep your mind occupied? Oh, I've got something. Just stop by anytime! Projects, projects projects!

YogaNana said...

Graze. Small frequent meals. If you're getting munchy midmorning have several strawberries or a handful of grapes or a small apple. Most of the major weight-loss programs have you eating five or six times a day. Plus the 8 glasses of water, which you're already doing. And I know I look like one to talk, but WW (and its walking plan, as well) took 80 pounds off me in a year back when I was about 40 and kept it off til I moved to Arizona -- because unlike you, I just can't say "ONLY 95." I can't function if it's over 80.

Btw, chocolate? Dark chocolate is good for you, you know, if you don't eat too much. I can put one square of dark (around 70% cocoa) in my mouth with a little handful of almonds and chew it well and I feel like I've had a candy bar. And dark chocolate is also good for PMS.

lundgrenville said...

Hey Sarah-

Im not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't eat. I think you have it figured out....! Been there, done that! How are you?? If you need things to do, you are always welcomed at my home. Im always working on some kind of project...bows...tutu skirts...more bows...crafts! You name it, Im doing it!!! Hugs