Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is my problem?!

I need help. Lately I have been struggling with this not feeling satisfied after I've eaten. I don't want to get to the point of feeling stuffed after a meal, but I want to not feel like I need to go munch because I'm not full. Does that make sense? What is my problem? My regular activity includes running 30 minutes/3 days a week, walking to and from the school every day sometimes up to 3 times in one day, back & forth. (I've been helping out in classrooms 4 days a week.) This doesn't seem like it's enough physically to balance out what I'm eating. What can I do?? I need suggestions. Any and all are appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Now I must walk down to the school to pick up the kids! The good news is, it's only 95° outside.


Abby said...

Jenna probably knows more about this than I do. She'll have better answers. My question is..what are you eating? Chances are it's not enough fiber or protein and regardless of how much other stuff you stuff in your face, it won't really matter and it'll leave you feeling crappy about what you put into your body rather than satisfied and content. More fruits. More veggies. I've suggested it before but I'll suggest it again (only because I'm losing so much weight with it and am *never* hungry)..look up Good Housekeeping's Supermarket Diet on Amazon..the books aren't expensive and if anything, it'll get you thinking about stuff you didn't think about before.

I love that you said it's only 95 outside..eek! That's hot! hahah Love you!

Sundee said...

I agree with Abby, and I would add drink more water when you feel munchy. Lots of times people think they are hungry when really they are dehydrated.

It was nice out today wasn't it? I enjoyed the double digit weather!

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby's so sweet to me, but she has learned so much that who needs my advice?! She's totally right. You need more fiber and protein. You shouldn't eat until you're full, just not hungry anymore, and sometimes learning to distinguish between "not full" and "satisfied" is tricky. Start making every bite really count nutritionally. Skip as much white stuff as you can and keep powerhouse snacks around to grab if you just need the edge off your hunger. For instance, I keep bags of raw almonds and cashews (not roasted, in other words--roasting nuts destroys much of their enzymatic and oil value). A serving of nuts is just about 10-12, but they are so nutritionally dense that it's amazing how satisfying that can be. Even my kids will just go and grab a small handful of nuts. It takes a very short time to begin to love the natural sweetness in nuts, and the crunch factor, along with the good fats in them, do much to satisfy the craving in your brain for something junky. Cut up an apple and have 12 almonds, and you've got a great snack. Or, make those granola bars that I posted on my blog a while back. Those are very nutritious and quick to grab and go. Load up on veggies (you've got to do it!), because you can eat so many of them without doing a lick of damage calorie wise, and you need that fiber and nutrition.

Oh, and also? You do a lot more physical activity than you're giving yourself credit for, and as you build muscle it takes more calories to keep it up. If you still feel hungry, then eat! Just eat wisely. And the water suggestion was a GREAT one.

I also love how you use "only" and "95" in the same sentence. It's been in the 90's here, but it's also been a "heat wave".