Sunday, January 31, 2010


Does anyone even come here anymore?? I've been fairly MIA lately!! Rylie asks me every now and then when I'm going to blog again and she reminds me of all the things that I still need to blog about. I hate any obligation of having to blog every little thing that goes on. It's too overwhelming, especially if pictures were involved and then I get behind. It used to be a fun hobby but the "fun" in it ended a while ago for me. :(


idahohubers said...

You can't stop blogging - EVER! So there. I have you in my google reader so I always read your posts. I'm a horrible commenter because I never know what to say. BUT I repeat YOU can't stop blogging - ever. I don't care if it's not "fun". Do you understand!? ♥

Jenna Consolo said...

Well, I still check in EVERY day! I miss you blogging! I know what you mean about that obligation feeling though. Forget about that! Just pick random things that are noteworthy, or a great meal you prepared, or something fun you learned, or what you're reading, or what you and Josiah are up to, or something funny you heard...get it? Don't worry about it being a complete journal. Just "slice of life". I feel so much more connected to you guys across the miles when I read your blog. Find the fun again! Please?

xoxox! Love you! xoxoxox!

CassiB said...

you are on my google reader list so when there is a post i read it there or pop over. i don't blog very well on my own blog, but still love to read, lol.