Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time is flying by!!

California was sooo much fun! It's been a month since we were there and I still have dreams that relate to our trip. Can't wait til we can go back!! I had been planning the trip since September and was determined to make it work. We've thought about planning trips like it in the past, but they never worked out or we figured the kids were still too young. I am so happy we waited til now to take them. We were able to ride on just about all the rides at Disneyland and the kids will all be able to remember their first trip.


Hannah said...

How fun for you guys! Do you have any pics from the trip?

Sarah said...

I put some up on facebook. I was going to put some on here, but really (and sadly) it was all I could do to post the brief tidbit of info that I did! I suck at blogging!! Whaaaa!!