Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

Rylie started jr high today. She is attending Desert Ridge Jr High and I can't believe she is growing up so fast!! In 2 years she will be in HS! AaaaaahhhhhhH!!

Last night was "Back to school" night for Desert Ridge. She got to find where all of her classes are and meet all of her teachers. Hopefully that helps to ease some of the nerves for today.

I felt totally unprepared for today. I picked up a few basic BTS supplies over the last couple of weeks but never really go all out. It's toooooo expensive!! I typically wait til Meet the Teacher night and ask if there is anything specifically that they need and make sure the kids have those things. This year I think each of the 3 younger kids' teachers said..."Do you have a copy of the supplies list?" I hate that they make those lists! I have bought a majority of that stuff in the past and 1/4 to 1/2 of it gets sent back home unused at the end of the school year. Last year Camden brought a few things back home just a couple days in that he wasn't going to need. I didn't even get a list for Rylie until last night and of course the things she needed were basically sold out. Next year I'm going to go in early and buy up a ton of stuff. Then I will put together kits of what each grade "needs" and sell them for a small profit...It will save some parents' time and headache. (Not really going to do that, but wouldn't that be ideal??)

Alyssa left for school this morning feeling fairly sad, knowing that her big sister is not going to be at the same school. Alyssa has always been very independant but she definitely looks up to and loves Rylie. There is such a sweet bond between sisters!

I'm curious to see how much Camden grows this year. I bought him a pair of new school shoes a couple weeks ago which seemed to fit fine when we got them. He went to put them on for meet the teacher night and they were too tight. He's got big clodhopper feet! He somehow ended up with the worst part of each of mine and Josiah's feet traits. He got big feet from me which alone is bad enough, but then the bone on the outside of each of his feet sticks out quite a bit which he gets from Josiah. Anyway, he is just about taller than Alyssa. He's going to be expensive to dress over the next few years!

Trenton started 2nd grade today. My baby! How can he already be in 2nd grade?! He was complaining a little bit this morning about his stomache hurting. I'm not sure if it was just nerves or if he really wasn't feeling good. I have found in the past when he complains about his usually ends with him leaning over the toilet. He went to school. Hopefully I don't get a call from the nurse!

Now I get to readjust to being alone at home everyday again. Probably won't be too hard. I just wish I would spend more of that time being productive. I got all caught up on laundry in the last couple weeks. My goal is to stay caught up on it. Really caught up is not the right word. I got all the clean laundry hung/folded and put away. That is quite an accomplishment for me. So really my goal is to keep laundry off my bedroom floor. There are also many areas in the house that I want to get organized. That is another goal. And blogging. I want to be a better blogger. Mostly for the sake of having my family's history kept. If I get readers in the process, so be it.


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