Friday, January 20, 2012

Disneyland Countdown

The kids (as well as Josiah and I) are super excited and can hardly wait for our trip to Disneyland next month!! This will be our 3rd year in a row going in February and we will probably continue going each year for the rest of our lives, so I decided that it calls for a countdown!

I am not a very creative person. Show me something and I can copy it, no problem. So, to google I went, in search of someone else's creative idea to borrow. I was surprised to find that there aren't many Disneyland countdowns out there, other than something you might throw away after one time use. That was not going to work for me! I did find one idea that I liked but I didn't know how to make it work, because I don't have a cricut. I liked the basic idea of it though, and knew I could use that and hopefully figure out the rest.

After spending several hours at a few different craft stores, and a lot of back and forth with ideas, here's what we finally came up with...

We spray painted a cookie sheet yellow and mod podged Disney themed/colored paper to the front for the background. The #'s we printed using Waltograph font which you can download for free from the internet. I had a bunch of bottle caps left over from a previous project so we spray painted them red and black to go along w/our color scheme. We then found a bunch of pictures either from Disneyland or that remind us of our past trips to California and pasted them into Word. We decreased the size of the pictures so they were small enough to cut w/a 1" circle punch. We put clear epoxy stickers over the tops of them and then glued them into the bottle caps. We then glued magnets to the backs of the bottle caps and those will be used to place on the #'s as we countdown our days to the trip.

Now, if there could be less arguing over who gets to start the countdown!

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