Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Midway through November...

I found the courage (or whatever it was that I needed to find) to call and make the appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed. I called on a Thursday and scheduled it for the following Monday (which happened to be the day before my anniversary and 2 days before my birthday...not the best time to schedule it, if you still hope to enjoy those two days!) so I had the entire weekend to freak out over it!

Josiah had a presentation he was preparing for, so he wasn't able to go with me. My mom was able to take the day off from work though, so she was my designated driver.

The appointment was scheduled for 9am which was good, because I had to fast the 8 hours prior to. I informed them of my concerns (being put under and my jaw possibly locking during the procedure) but they took good care of me! The anesthesia they gave me wasn't as strong of a sedative...they referred to it as a "twilight" sedation. I figured I'd still be conscious, just very relaxed. I remember them starting on the first tooth and the next thing I remember was the assistant telling me she was setting up my chair and that I should sit for a moment before walking to the wheelchair that she had ready for me. Crazy! But in hindsight, I'm glad that I wasn't alert during the whole procedure. I honestly don't even know how long it took.

They only removed three. My dentist wanted to keep my bottom left. I guess it's extra pretty, or something. In talking to several people who have had theirs removed, I feel like I got pretty lucky. I only had a tiny amount of swelling and had no problems talking/opening my mouth. I do still have a weird spasm-y type pain on the right side of my head from time to time, near my temple and/or behind my ear, which I've read it's normal? I'm hoping... Anyway, I'm glad it's behind me and the healing process seems to be going well.

Now to move on to planning for Thanksgiving!


Jenna said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I've fallen behind on reading blogs! But I love your blog, so I'll be checking it again during my break! Getting wisdom teeth out is no fun, for sure. I'm surprised you lasted this long with them. I had mine out just a few weeks after giving birth to Lyndsay, and I got an infection because it was just so much to heal from all at once. I can remember lying miserably on the couch in so much pain, but with this newborn that wanted/needed to be held and nursed. My initiation into the demands of motherhood no matter how the mother feels! :) Hope you're fully recovered and now having fun with Christmas preparations! xoxo

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