Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today was a busy day! We are in the process of buying a house, after renting (2 different houses) for the past 7.5 years. It is fairly stressful. All the waiting! Just tell us all ready if it's ours and when we can have it! We are 98% sure we will get it, but the banks are always crazy and I've heard people having to wait forever to actually be allowed to move. The offer was accepted, the appraisal has been done, we've signed lots of papers, we currently have a closing date of April 29th, but who knows!

Our realtor said she would mention something to the mortgage guy about possibly moving up the closing date, but we haven't heard back on that.

In the meantime, we have decided to start packing boxes. If we are allowed to move, we don't want to wait til the last minute to get stuff packed and if everything falls through, maybe we will just keep stuff packed that's been packed already, and live lightly for a while. We are anxious.

Josiah and I got up super early this morning (5:30...that's super early for a Saturday, right?) and headed out to the back yard to start de-weeding it. It was practically a jungle back there. One by one the kids slowly joined in and by 8:30 we had both the back and front yards done. It's always so nice and refreshing to look at the yard after it has been cleared of weeds. I highly enjoy seeing the difference. (Which secretly may be why I let them go so long in between pullings..) (That may or may not be the case with house work as well... 8-/ )

After weeds were pulled, we headed out to pick up some breakfast. We actually went through 3 drive thrus to satisfy everyone's taste buds this morning...not a typical thing, although we've been known to go through 2 for one meal on a few occasions. We ate our food as we took my car through a car wash, which it desperately needed after the storm that we had last weekend. (Of course I had just gotten it washed a couple days before that storm hit. Figures!)

I got several boxes packed up today. The problem we're facing is that we don't really have a lot of space to store the boxes in the meantime, so a couple of rooms in the house are like mazes of boxes.

My sister also came over so I could assist her with a project that she was working on. A necklace board. Since I had made one before, she figured I would be able to help her out, step by step. I really didn't mind, I just had lots that I needed to do. I was happy to help her though and can't wait to see her finished work.

The end of the school year is approaching rapidly again, which means lots of things are going on. Of course we have the boys in baseball again this year, which adds tremendously to the chaos! We have baseball 5 days a week! I'm just glad we don't have it on Saturdays this year like we did last year.

I think that's enough rambling for now...


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