Sunday, June 2, 2013

Van Sciver Baby #5

I am 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant with our baby #5. We had put off telling anyone for a while because of my history of miscarrying in the last 5 years.

 I go in tomorrow for the big ultrasound, which should determine whether we will be having a girl or boy. Josiah is almost certain it will be a girl, although I believe it will be a boy. I don't have a preference and I don't believe Josiah does either. The girls both want a girl and the boys want a boy, of course. I think everyone will be happy to have a baby around though, no matter what it is.

Back in November I started watching a, now 16 month old, little girl and we have all loved having her here everyday during the week.  She is such a little sweetie.

I'm a little anxious...I am worried that we will be told that our baby has some sort of life threatening issues. I'm completely paranoid, I know, but it stems from a comment that was made several years ago when I first brought up wanting to have another one. It has haunted me ever since. I will undoubtedly love this baby no matter what, but truthfully, I just want it to be healthy.

We haven't decided on any names, other than ones that we will NOT be using. Josiah made a rule that we can't use any names that start with the letter of any of our names, which sadly removes a bunch of good names right off the top.

So anyway, that's just a brief update on where we are. :)