Monday, October 21, 2013

Over Due!

Here I sit, 1 week over my due date, as expected. Although I need to back up just a bit...

The original due date that my doctor gave me was October 24th. So in reality, I'm still 3 days away from that. However, it was determined at my appointment 2 weeks ago that all along my doctor had the wrong LMP listed in my charts, which shifted my due date by 10 days. Which means my actual due date was October 14th.

When I first found out I was pregnant from an HPT, I immediately went to to calculate what my due date would be, assuming that I didn't miscarry as I had the last 5 previous pregnancies. The date that I was given there was Oct. 14th. Before my initial doctor appointment, I was sent to have an ultrasound (I was about 12 weeks along..) to check for viability. I gave her the date of my last LMP and with the results of the ultrasound, she confirmed the Oct 14th due date. I was so happy!

Twelve weeks was the farthest I had made it since I was pregnant with Trenton! We were still nervous of course and we still waited to tell anyone.

During this time we had a lot going on. We had started looking for a new house in March, because the one we were currently renting had suddenly become too small, if we were to add another addition to our family. (We had been looking at buying a house a year earlier, and after several had fallen through that we had put offers on, we decided timing just wasn't right and at the time the house we were in was meeting our needs.)

We looked at several houses and in the end, we went with the 2nd one that we looked at, which happened to be in the same ward we were in, just a nicer side of the neighborhood. It needed some painting and there were a couple things we had to figure out as far as set up, but what really sold me on it was how much storage space it had. This house had been vacant for 7 months before we bought it. I'm pretty sure it went on the market just a few days/weeks after we had stopped looking the year earlier and it was waiting for us to be ready. It all went through so smoothly and quickly and we felt so good about it.

We also had baseball going on. Between Camden and Trenton we had 4 nights a week of practices then games. There were other things as well like mutual, concerts, packing to move, end of school year stuff, moving, plus I had Abigale 5 days a week. The summer was nice because the kids helped out with Abigale a lot, and then just after school was back in, I started watching Abigale's 2 month old brother. All of these things combined helped the time go by faster, however when I look back, it seems like forever ago that I first found out I was pregnant.

We first started telling people the news when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. Of course it was shortly after that that the due date was pushed back 10 days, but it was not that big of a deal.

At 19.5 weeks we had the ultrasound to determine the gender..

It's a girl!
We still did not have a name picked out. We had some possibilities for if it was a boy, but nothing that we had come up with for girls sounded right. That went on for quite a while.
 Early on in my pregnancy I worried a lot. I worried that there would be problems for the baby. I worried that there would be complications. I worried that something would happen to me and Josiah would be left to raise this sweet little girl all by himself. Eventually I got over all my fears, although because I was still pregnant, concerns crept up from time to time.
I always had in the back of my head the knowledge that babycenter had given me as well as my ultrasound, of a due date of Oct 14th. It made me wonder when I would actually deliver my baby. My babies all came late (with the exception of Alyssa who I was induced 2 weeks early with because of an insurance issue.) but I didn't know if I should be looking at early November as "late" or if October 24th would actually be late. At some point I finally decided that She would probably come on her own right around October 24th, w/out being induced.
So 2 weeks ago when it was determined that my doctor had the wrong date for my LMP and that the notes in the ultrasound confirmed what I told him, he was able to adjust my due date, which brought me some peace of mind. Still I knew that Oct 14th would come and go, but I had a better idea of when to expect her. Per usual, my 40 week appointment came and an induction date was set. Which brings us to today. I am scheduled to be induced tonight at 9pm. With my past inductions, I was always given a day but then was told to call the hospital that morning to see how their schedule was going, and I was always told they were running behind and that they'd call me later. Then the waiting game began. As much as I would rather be going in earlier in the day, I prefer knowing for sure what time I'm scheduled. We'll see what happens this evening when I get there though!
I have tried several different "self inducing" techniques over the last week, but nothing has worked, obviously.. Last night I even took some castor oil, which many people swear by. I did have some contractions through the first 1/2 of the night, but they went away by 1am. I wonder if they would have continued to progress if I had been up walking around. I am hopeful that they at least helped my cervix to dilate, which will in turn, help the induction process go more quickly. I am dreading being induced, because it takes soooo long! I am happy the day is here though, although I'm guessing she will have an Oct 22nd birthday.
This has been, by far, my easiest pregnancy. Josiah and I continued going to the gym, and in the last 4 months we have been going 4-6 days a week. We started out going 6, then backed down to 5 when we decided we liked have 2 days off. Then we tried to adjust the days we were going and ended up just going 4 days, but I think that was probably best at that point in my pregnancy. It has only been in the last month or so that we started that. I was just doing weights all along, because we only had 40-45 minutes each time, because we were going in the morning before kids had to get up, then we had to be home in time to make sure Rylie was out the door for her ride. In the last couple weeks though, I started walking on the treadmill, in hopes that I would go into labor on my own, eventually, but again, that didn't happen.
In all, at my last appointment at 40 weeks and 2 days, I had put on right around 33 lbs with this pregnancy. With each of the others I put on well over 40 lbs. The working out helped a lot, I am sure. It also helped w/typical pregnancy symptoms. I haven't experienced nearly as much pain as I remember from previous pregnancies. I also had very little (almost non-existent) morning sickness.
We finally decided on her name a couple weeks ago. It will be Everleigh Kate. Everleigh was a name that I came up with but Josiah did not like at all. Especially the spelling. I let it go for a while, but then I saw it written down in some pretty writing that Alyssa had done and I knew that had to be her name. Still Josiah wasn't going for it. We went back and forth with a bunch of other names and most of the time I just stopped thinking about it. I figured she would be born w/a name tag. But then there was a name that came up that we were considering, and now I can't even think of what that name was, but I was writing it down, trying to imagine her w/this name and again, Everleigh came back to me and I just could not get it out of my head. At some point Josiah finally wrote it in his own hand writing and it was then that he decided it would work. I was so happy to finally have a name picked out for our baby girl. I absolutely can not wait to meet our little Everleigh!
22 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks

27 weeks
30 weeks

36 weeks

40 weeks
Until Everleigh is here...